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Evangelical Christians and President Trump

The 2016 election is decided and Evangelical Christians bear great responsibility to stand with those who feel afraid and left out. Evangelicals are people who want to attract others to Jesus. Their decisive role in influencing this election for a candidate whose character contradicts so much of what Jesus stands for, creates a barrier to their witness of His Gospel, which now must be overcome.

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Creating Kingdom Culture in Polarized Society

As we are on the brink of one of the most controversial Presidential elections in recent history, we are seeing more and more division among Americans. In his Q Commons Minneapolis talk Don Samuels, Minneapolis School Board member discusses Creating Kingdom Culture in Polarized Society: Leadership practices that place the values of Jesus ahead of American culture.

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Dr. Paul Eddy Covenantal Theology Audio Recordings

Dr. Paul Eddy Covenantal Theology Audio Recordings – Part 1 Dr. Paul Eddy Covenantal Theology Audio Recordings – Part 2   More Resources: Dr. Paul Eddy’s Holy Sexuality & Covenant Relationships Power Point Presentation For a complete summary of Dr. Paul Eddy’s Covenantal Theology seminar and his […]

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Next Steps in the Church’s Quest to Seek Justice

God’s heart for justice and mercy is beating strongly here in the Twin Cities! The first Twin Cities Justice Weekend was a giant success. The president of the International Justice Mission (IJM) encouraged churches to seek justice as a calling from God. We learned that human trafficking is a money driven enterprise and the buyers are the fuel that keep it running, according to Sgt. Grant Snyder of the Minneapolis Police Department. Sgt. Snyder encouraged church leaders to address the problems of human trafficking by starting with the offenders, who are often men who attend our churches. Find out how Twin Cities churches can continue to be a part of the quest to end modern-day slavery. Let’s not allow the momentum to slow down – Let justice roll on like a river!

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Pastor’s Column: Loving God. Serving People in Rochester.

For our Pastor’s Column series, pastors in Rochester, MN are sharing how their churches do ministry and outreach in this growing diverse medical community. C. John Steer, Senior Pastor at Autumn Ridge Church, the largest evangelical church in Rochester kicks off our series. He shares how this 159-year-old church, which was founded before Minnesota became a state, is living out their mission of “Loving God. Serving people.”

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Church Summit on Holy Sexuality – Resources

Following two engaging sessions centered around the question, “How can we live out grace and truth in regard to sexuality?” a list of recommended readings has emerged. Check back for additional resources and sessions on the topic of Holy Sexuality in Today’s World. Recommended Readings: Ex-gays, Stanton […]

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Rural MN Churches

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Mission Northeast Finds Unity in Serving and Praying Together

Churches in Northeast Minneapolis found they are better together, than they are apart. After six years of prayer and meeting together, dozens of churches in Northeast Minneapolis have formed a relational partnership called Mission NE, and they’ve grown to include 15-20 churches. Together Mission NE hosts joint holiday celebrations and outreach events in the community, and recently formed a citywide youth group, called NE Students. These churches have found through prayer and service, they can be united, across theological and denominational differences.

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The Christian Way of Fighting Global Injustice

With 36 million slaves in the world, 2 million women caught in sex trafficking, and corruption a common practice in many of the world’s court systems; it can be overwhelming for U.S. churches to look outside of themselves and care about global injustice. But as followers of Jesus, we need to care about the injustice in the world. Our justice-work must be rooted in the Bible, and covered in prayer, before any action is taken. Read how some Twin Cities churches are taking innovative steps and doing the hard work of combating injustice in our world.

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Unplanned Pregnancies; Being a Church that Cares, Not Condemns

New findings reveal that women who have had an abortion, often feel the church is not a caring place for them, and at the time of their unplanned pregnancy, the church didn’t provide resources for them. In preparation for Sanctity of Human Life Day, we lay-out successful ways churches are ministering to women and men with unplanned pregnancies, or who are dealing with the aftermath of having an abortion.

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