In December 2011 Transform Minnesota adopted a resolution supporting the Biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. We desire to equip evangelical leaders to communicate God’s ideas for sex and marriage so that marriages are healthier and sexuality is treated honorably.

Throughout the Bible, beginning from the Creation account in Genesis and affirmed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, God’s revealed design for marriage is a life-long covenant between one man and one woman.

We acknowledge that within the Western Church, we Christians have often fallen well short of God’s ideals for marriage and expression of our sexuality. However we continue to pursue these ideals because we believe that marriage and sex within marriage are good gifts from God that are beneficial for individuals, children and society.

We believe that the proposal in Minnesota to redefine marriage is moving in the opposite direction from God’s vision for marriage to be a healthy, faithful relationship between a man and a woman. Doing so is not the best direction for our society. Promoting healthy, stable marriages between moms and dads is really important for the well-being of children. We hope that as many kids as possible can have both a mom and a dad.

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