From GMAE to Transform Minnesota

In 1965, a group of pastors formed the Greater Minnesota Association of Evangelicals (GMAE) with a commitment to work together to spread the Gospel. They rallied around the vision that more can be accomplished when we work together than when we work alone.

Rev. Quint Alfors was a key leader in starting the association, and he was the founding Executive Director (and later President) beginning in 1970 followed by Rev. Palmer Yngsdal, who served as President from 1988-2004. The current President, Carl Nelson, began working for World Relief Minnesota (now Arrive Ministries) in 1997, and was appointed President of GMAE in 2005.

In the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, Transform Minnesota started many new ministry programs including New Life Family Services, Damascus Way Reentry Center, Christian Counseling Center, Minneapolis Police Chaplaincy, Wings Outreach, World Relief Minnesota, and All Seasons Renewal Center. Today, three of these ministries operate as subsidiary ministries and receive leadership and administrative support from Transform Minnesota.

Through the next 40+ years, the organization—which changed its name to Transform Minnesota in 2011—expanded its vision to connect more than 1,000 churches across the state. Today, Transform Minnesota is leading a diverse network of evangelicals to make this transformation a reality.

To read the full history of the organization, check out our historical timeline.historical-highlights