who we are…

We are a diverse network of evangelicals extending the Gospel of Jesus and his kingdom.

We are evangelical. We are a network. We are servant leaders.

We are a place to belong for thousands of leaders who claim evangelical identity. By listening to pastors and ministry leaders, we help evangelicals identify important issues and opportunities that surround us, then we gather leaders and equip them with resources to create solutions. As a network our ultimate purpose of  increasing Gospel impact, is fulfilled not by us, but by the participants who are connected to us and to each other.


why we exist…

Transform Minnesota exists to connect and equip the Church.

We provide the evangelical Church in Minnesota the network through which its leaders learn and collaborate.

We aim to increase spiritual unity, connect evangelicals to each other, and increase the impact of evangelical ministries. We aim to band together to have an effective witness, support and encourage each other doing ministry, and together develop Biblical solutions to the most critical and important issues facing us today.


what we are going to do…

Our vision is to connect Christian leaders, develop Biblical solutions and equip churches that transform communities.

Imagine if 1,000 churches and 1 million evangelicals were connected together in cities and towns all across Minnesota, caring for our neighbors and talking about how Jesus changes our lives, as we work together to solve society’s biggest problems?

We seek to continue to expand in communities across Minnesota, and increase the impact of each of our five current program initiatives.