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Urban Church Planting Q & A Series: Hiawatha Church, Minneapolis

The general trend in urban areas is that as the density of the population goes up, the presence of the church goes down. In response, many churches are being planted in some of the most densely populated parts of the Twin Cities. For our Urban Church Planting Q & A series, we interview pioneer church planters who, having firmly planted churches in urban areas of the Twin Cities, look back and share their wisdom and reflections. Here we interview Chris Wachter, Lead Pastor at Hiawatha Church in South Minneapolis.

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Pastor’s Column: Loving God. Serving People in Rochester.

For our Pastor’s Column series, pastors in Rochester, MN are sharing how their churches do ministry and outreach in this growing diverse medical community. C. John Steer, Senior Pastor at Autumn Ridge Church, the largest evangelical church in Rochester kicks off our series. He shares how this 159-year-old church, which was founded before Minnesota became a state, is living out their mission of “Loving God. Serving people.”

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Pastor’s Column: Small Town Church Reaches 5-County Region, Doubling Attendance in Five Years

For our “Thriving and Growing Rural Churches” series, Paul Jorgensen, Lead Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church shares how God is at work in Litchfield, a small town of 6,700 people. Amazingly, Cornerstone Church welcomed more than 1,200 people to their five Easter services this year. Over the past five years Cornerstone Church has more than doubled its attendance, with 120-180 people per year choosing to put their trust in Christ. Read more about what is drawing people to drive from all over the 5-county region to be a part of Cornerstone’s worship services.

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Pastor’s Column: Bringing Life and Health Back to a Flat-Lining, Hurt Rural Church

For our Pastor’s Column series we are focusing on thriving and growing rural churches. We asked Marlin Mohrman the lead pastor at Morris Evangelical Free Church to share how Morris EFC overcame a season of conflict, distrust and hurt to achieve reconciliation and health. As well as how when church membership was flat-lining, Morris EFC managed to double its members within a decade by focusing on worship style, ethnic outreach, and defining roles in leadership.

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Pastor’s Column: Growing Rural Motley Church from Single Digits to 300

For our Pastor’s Column series we are focusing on thriving and growing rural churches. We asked Jim Johnson the pastor of Motley Free Methodist Church to share how Motley FMC has grown from less than a dozen attendees to averaging nearly 300 in worship.

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“Youth These Days” Blog Series: The Best Way to Replenish a Weary Youth Worker’s Soul

Youth ministry training conferences and seminars have their place as a tool to motivate and encourage youth workers. In our fourth and final part of our “Youth These Days” blog series, Darrin Geier of Woodbury Community Church encourages youth ministry workers during a season of emptiness or depletion, not to get sidetracked by depending on flashy conferences and speakers to fill them up, but to turn to God’s Word, the Bible.

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“Youth These Days” Blog Series- Making Disciples of Jesus, not the local Church

In the great commission, Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations. In the third part of our “Youth These Days” blog series Blake Birdsall looks into the challenges youth pastors have at making disciples of millennials and teenagers. He outlines some of the top questions he’s encountered while working with youth and shares a few ways God has pressed on his heart to better make disciples.

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“Youth These Days” Blog Series: The Big Five

In the second part of our “Youth These Days” blog series, Zach Marino of Maple Grove Evangelical Church writes about 5 recommendations he has for developing a kingdom-impacting youth ministry. Zach believes these pointers help strike the balance in youth ministry of being relevant yet biblical, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit dependent and God-glorifying.

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“Youth These Days” Blog Series – Creating a Teen-Focused Church

What would it look like to be a teen-focused church; committed to helping teenagers be church’s primary means of spreading the Good News? In the first part of in our “Youth These Days” blog series, Luke Trouten shares his thoughts on how your church can better welcome teens to serve, lead and participate fully in the Kingdom of God, and the impact it can have on your youth and even your adults.

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New Blog Series: “Youth These Days”

Churches oftentimes don’t know how to engage their youth and teens with the Gospel. Since the beginning of time, parents have scoffed at “youth these days,” lacking an understanding of those a generation or two younger than them. But we at Transform Minnesota are committed to reproducing our faith in the generations that follow us. We need to invest in millennials and younger adolescents so that the Church continues to grow in the hearts of tomorrow’s leaders.

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