Do Justice Workshops

Workshop: America’s Education Inequality

America’s Education Inequality-Addiction was presented by Don Samuels at the Do Justice Conference on November 8. How America’s bias mentality harms the education of African Americans. The history of withholding education from African American children, and other exclusionary measures that lead to inequality in America’s education system. Plus what can be done to bridge the education gap?

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Workshop: White Supremacy Distorted the Biblical Narrative

Dr. Karen McKinney, Biblical Studies professor at Bethel University taught the workshop “White Supremacy Distorted the Biblical Narrative” at the Do Justice Conference. She taught how the Anglo-Saxon Myth was born and how it impacted America’s grand narrative. Dr. McKinney dug deep into four Biblical distortions used to propagate white supremacy ideology, and the construction of Whiteness. And offered actions steps for the oppressors and the oppressed.

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Workshop: What It Means to “Be In Christ”

Dr. Kenneth Young presented a compelling workshop called “What it Means to “Be In Christ” at the Do Justice Conference. Dr. Young is a systematic theologian at UNWSP. The workshop took an anthropological and sociological approach to looking at how the body of Christ is made up, and what it looks like when it is functioning for all people.

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Workshop: Just Church, for All People

At the “Just Church” workshop, Pastor David Myles, of New Hope Church and Christopher Brooks, of MERGE Twin Cities spoke on the Biblical foundations for being a church for all peoples. How we can be committed to fulfilling the Great Commission while also leading change in places of need, where the Lord has called us. Myles opened with the Biblical Mandate of why we are doing this for all people and Brooks finished with specific strategies for realizing this mandate.

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Do Justice Conference with Bryan Stevenson

Fifteen-hundred people from Minnesota’s faith communities attended the Do Justice Conference with Bryan Stevenson presented by Transform Minnesota on November 8, and An Evening with Bryan Stevenson later that evening. Stevenson is an acclaimed civil rights attorney, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, and author of Just Mercy. He gave two addresses to a packed sanctuary at Christ Presbyterian Church on the need for Americans to pursue racial justice and reconciliation in our country. Stevenson encouraged the Church to work to change the narratives of our society and to stay hopeful, while challenging people of faith to position themselves in inconvenient and uncomfortable places.

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Rethinking Incarceration (from May 2018 Dominique Gilliard event)

More than 350 people showed up to the afternoon and evening Rethinking Incarceration forums to learn how Christians can help create a more restorative justice system. Dominique Gilliard taught about America’s history from slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration – a criminal justice system built on racial and social control. Gilliard urged the Church to harness their collective power and belief in the dignity of vulnerable people, and to advocate for the least of these by helping to transform the criminal justice system.

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