Executive Director

Damascus Way is seeking an Executive Director to lead our re-entry programs establishing a dynamic discipleship pathway as the basis for its future growth in reentry services. An ideal candidate for this position possesses strong leadership skills in:
1.  Organizational development;
2. Program design and implementation; and,
3.  Strategic planning.

This individual must possess a passion for biblical discipleship, and an ability to influentially communicate Damascus Way’s mission to multiple stakeholders and partners.

Organizational Leadership (30%)
1. Define mission, vision, values, goals, and metrics for the strategic direction of the organization, developing a master plan and monitoring progress in coordination with Board of Directors.
2. Scale the organizational structure, processes and personnel to manage growth in the administration and delivery of services.
3. Shape an organizational culture that exemplifies the values of Damascus Way and positions the organization to lead in re-entry ministry excellence.
4. Ensure compliance with all personnel, governance, financial and legal guidelines.
5. Facilitate a collaborative relationship between Transform Minnesota and Damascus Way.

Program Design and Implementation (25%)
1. Develop Christian discipleship programming with pathways that lead to sustained spiritual growth, life maturity, life success, and fellowship in Christian community.
2. Identify transformational outcomes and key metrics at every level of our programs, demonstrating short term impact and long term success through sustained, ongoing relationships with Damascus Way men.
3. Establish value-added, repeatable program practices in conjunction with program staff and monitor quality in the delivery of programs.
4. Nurture relationships with public corrections agencies and maintain licensure requirements, serving as a sustainable resource for our partnership agencies.

Staff Management and Development (20%)
1. Develop ongoing staff training programs that inspire and motivate staff toward spiritual growth and program excellence.
2. Oversee the recruiting, hiring, orientation and release processes for employees in accordance with Transform Minnesota staffing policies and procedures and Damascus Way values.
3. Manage employee performance and accountability while encouraging professional and spiritual growth.
4. Develop a volunteer involvement plan to enhance program delivery and include the Christian community in the mission of Damascus Way.

Financial Planning and Management (10%)
1. Coordinate with the Transform Minnesota accounting liaison to prepare a comprehensive annual budget for board approval along with regular financial updates.
2. Initiate budget forecasting needed to achieve strategic priorities, facility expansion and special projects in collaboration with accounting functions of Transform Minnesota.
3. Monitor revenue, spending, and cash flow to ensure financial sustainability.

Fundraising and Development (10%)
1. Establish solid working relationships with civic groups, church congregations, and other key stakeholders to gain financial support and program partnerships.
2. Research potential funding and grant sources and design fundraising plans.
3. Plan and participate in fundraising activities and development initiatives.

Public Relations and Marketing (5%)
1. Build brand strategy and establish a cadence of communication, driving stakeholder, donor, community and church awareness and issue edification.
2. Craft key messages, articles, and presentations to convey the organization’s mission, activities, and outcomes.
3. Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field.
4. Leverage the credibility and expertise of the organization to find a voice of influence on restorative justice, incarceration reform, and destructive social trends.

⦁ Bachelor’s degree with 5+ years leadership experience in nonprofit and related fields
⦁ Managed people successfully; bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds
⦁ Demonstrated ability to develop and successfully implement strategic plans
⦁ Ability to guide people through the complexities of change into growth opportunities
⦁ Track record in implementing discipleship or transition programs
⦁ Responsibility for financial projections, financial reports and finance-related performance metrics
⦁ In-depth knowledge of best practices in management and governance
⦁ Ability to collaborate and effectively interact with a variety of stakeholders
⦁ Aptitude for verbal and written communication, presentations and relationship building

⦁ Demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ
⦁ Agree with and adhere to the statement of faith, core values and code of conduct for Damascus Way Reentry Center, Inc.


Damascus Way Reentry Center is an Affiliate Ministry of Transform Minnesota. Centralized business services including finance and accounting, payroll, human resource management, employee benefits, donor services, risk management and other common services are provided by the Administrative Department of Transform Minnesota. The Executive Director works closely with the CEO, COO and Senior Accountant of Transform Minnesota. The CEO is a board member and President of Damascus Way Reentry Center.

To apply or make a referral, email to Carl@transformmn.org, CEO of Transform Minnesota.

Applicants are encouraged to send a cover letter expressing your interest in the position, with an attached resume.

May 23, 2019
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