Office Manager

The St. Paul Office Manager helps fulfill New Life Family Service’s mission of assisting clients in life-affirming decisions with the love and compassion of Christ by ensuring professional representation of New Life Family Services and its programs through management of the St. Paul office and coordination of client services.



Director of Operations


  • BRANCH RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for office administration including coordinating schedules, ordering supplies, maintaining office equipment, general office organization and maintaining office statistics. Speak for and represent the office to the greater organization and advocate for its unique set of clients. Help set the tone for the office and keep a proper balance between office specific goals and the goals of the agency as a whole. Assist in follow-up of new agency changes being implemented at the office level.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: Assist the Client Services Director and Program Managers with revising client forms, creating manuals for volunteers and staff.  Maintain database from community contacts for First Care Staff.
  • CLIENT CONTACT: Answer incoming phone calls and provide over the phone counseling to those in crisis. Schedule clients for medical or social services appointments as needed. Assist in administering pregnancy test intakes and partner intakes. Assist volunteers in Every Family appointments, as needed. Assist the nurse and social workers with paperwork, as needed.
  • VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT: Interview prospective volunteers and provide basic in-office training for new volunteers and interns. Work with Parenting Education Director to manage ongoing work of Parenting Coaches and interns in office. Oversee and manage all volunteers and their schedules. Work with Volunteer Coordinator to recruit new volunteers and ensure volunteers are meeting continuing education requirements.
  • EVERY FAMILY PROGRAM: Assist with the Every Family program as set by the agency and with the direction of the Parenting Program Manager. Oversee the receiving of material donations. Maintain schedule of appointments.
  • NETWORKING SUPPORT: Work with Development and Church Coordinator to represent First Care at community events and/or meetings, as a back-up, as needed.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications or related field.
  • Two to three years professional experience.
  • Spanish speaker preferred but not required.
  • The ideal candidate is able to perform multiple tasks at once and troubleshoot in a fast-paced work environment.


Attend all New Life fundraising events and other agency sponsored events. These may include some evening and/or weekend hours. May be asked to speak periodically in churches and/or community events on behalf of the agency.


Participate in appropriate workshops and training sessions to ensure continuing education requirements are met.


  • Demonstrated faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Agrees with and adheres to Transform Minnesota Statement of Faith, Core Values, and Code of Conduct.
  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.
  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to sexual purity.
  • Attend weekly staff and prayer meetings.
  • Be able to express a clear understanding of the inner workings of a pregnancy care center.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal and administrative skills.
  • Exhibit strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once.
  • Exhibit ability to respect client and donor confidentiality through the safe-keeping of related information.



April 29, 2022
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