Shift Leader

Reports to:

Site Coordinator

Core Responsibilities:

The Shift Leader’s responsibilities fall into three main categories; (1) They are the first point of contact from outside venders, contractors, stakeholders, potential residents, etc. (2) Provide administrative and program support to the Executive Director, Site Director and Reentry Coordinators. (3) Provide support to Reentry Coordinators as relating to the supervision of in-house residents as well as residents that are away from the facility.

 Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Provide coaching, mentoring, and spiritual leadership both internally and externally
  • Master and convey the mission, vision and values of Damascus Way
  • To execute excellence in verbal and written communication
  • Be able to serve with excellence in a fast pace, high stressed environment
  • To have a working and growing knowledge of community resources, Department of Correction policies, and collaborative partnerships
  • To have a working knowledge of vender agreements, contracts, and billing practices
  • To understand and adhere to facility and program expectations
  • Conduct site and facility walkthroughs
  • Possess a working knowledge of Microsoft Word/Office, use scanners, etc.
  • Manage internal/external data processing systems, social media posts, etc.
  • Manage incoming/outgoing mailings
  • Uphold facility and program policies
  • Draft incident/termination reports, policies, and conduct verbal and written violations
  • Conduct Urine and Breathalyzer Analysis
  • Conduct initial applicant screenings and intake orientations
  • Write letters to previous and future residents
  • To provide support to Reentry Coordinators with scheduling, planning and coaching residents
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director and/or Site Director
  • Must agree with and adhere to Transform Minnesota’s Statement of Faith, Core Values and Code of Conduct.

May 31, 2022
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