Youth and Family Services Coordinator

The Youth and Family Services coordinator role seeks to strengthen family systems, heal wounds, and support them on their pathway toward prosperity. The Coordinator will be responsible for the Destiny Services which are aimed at addressing the unique needs of men, children, and families impacted by the justice system, the cycle of incarceration, substance misuse, and generational trauma. The Coordinator will advocate for resources, provide guidance through mentorship, and coordinate with other service providers to ensure comprehensive support.


Program Execution & Implementation:

  • The delivery of Damascus Ways multi-generational, trauma-informed, and faith-based youth and family programming.
  • Facilitate healing circles, small group sessions across multiple partner sectors.
  • Learn and deliver evidence-based intervention and prevention content designed to strengthen family systems and increase skills to build healthy connections with others.
  • Execute and ensure all program requirements and outcomes per related contracts are met.
  • Work closely with community case workers, Juvenile probations, and other community-based individuals to expand and grow programs.
  • Develop person-centered goals and service plans.
  • Adjust programming to keep up with cultural changes, advances, best-practices, and changing audiences.


  • Practice timely, efficient execution of all programs and activities.
  • Ensure all activities are being led consistently and ethically.
  • Build connections and collaborations with government agencies, churches, non-profits, etc.
  • Lead Destiny Dads and Destiny Way group activities.
  • Display exemplary conduct, attitude, and positivity at all times.


  • Collect relevant data from meetings and engagements.
  • Create and submit a summary level report of activity in each program weekly.
  • Understand, and operate within budget while maintaining the delivery of excellent programming and services.
  • Use our evidence-based consult framework, software, and other procedures as directed.
  • Respect program participant and donor confidentiality through the safe-keeping of related information.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Youth and Family Services Director/Senior Director.


Education & Experience:  

  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in Human Services, Education, or another related field.
  • Eligible to be a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with the State of Minnesota
  • Experience working in a Christo-Centric environment.

General Qualifications:

  • Ability to develop a keen understanding of local non-profit and civic organizations, government agencies; church / parachurch ministries; recovery, mental health, housing & employment resources; and so on; and the ability to foster cooperation and collaboration between these entities and Damascus Way.
  • Participate in all required meetings and staff activities, and other initiatives as directed.
  • Ability to model calmness under stress, while still able to confront issues when necessary.
  • Able to pass all requirements to work with vulnerable adults and minors.

Core Values and Self-Development

  • Have a sincere belief that God loves the people we serve, and constantly strive to do the same.
  • Be passionate about, and consistently convey, the mission, vision, and values of Damascus Way.
  • Maintain, and grow in, an attitude of humility, respect, and love for others through service.
  • Attend all required trainings and seek out and participate in other growth opportunities.
  • Must agree with and adhere to Transform Minnesota’s Statement of Faith, Core Values and Code of Conduct.

May 13, 2024
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