Pastor’s Column: The Lament of Nehemiah – Rebuilding Education in our City

Russ Gregg, Head of School at Hope Academy writes that the mis­education of inner city youth is one of the most critical social justice issues of our day. Too many inner-city children are growing up in traumatic and impoverished homes that will sadly go on reproducing themselves for generations. Gregg writes about how the educational situation in the inner-city is desperate, but it is not hopeless. He encourages us to pray like Nehemiah, be moved to tears like Nehemiah and intervene like Nehemiah; knowing there is hope in returning to the Almighty God.

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Evangelical Defined, Do You Fit the Label?

The National Association of Evangelicals recently came up with a new definition for what it means to be “evangelical.”
Find out if you or your church fits the NAE’s new label of evangelical. And read more on how some Lutherans and Catholics are responding to the NAE’s new definition of evangelical, now that it is all based on beliefs, not behavior, denomination, race or political affiliation.

Those who strongly agree with these 4 statements are considered evangelical:

1. The Bible is the highest authority for what I believe.
2. It is very important for me personally to encourage non-Christians to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior.
3. Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is the only sacrifice that could remove the penalty of my sin.
4. Only those who trust in Jesus Christ alone as their Savior receive God’s free gift of eternal salvation.

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The Church in Minnesota – Responding to the Growing Refugee Crisis

With all the heart breaking news surrounding refugees right now, Transform Minnesota and Arrive Ministries want to remind our friends that we are resettling refugees almost daily here in the Twin Cities. We believe the Bible motivates us to welcome and love the foreigner as ourselves. Find out how we are responding to the Middle East refugee crisis and what you can do to help.

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How Should Church Leaders Talk about ISIS, Radical Islam and Jihad?

With recent terrorist attacks in Paris, homegrown terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, and a wave of fear that has overtaken the Western world when it comes to refugees, ISIS’s presence is known and felt in the US. Recently Transform Minnesota held a training for evangelical leaders and pastors on ISIS, Radical Islam, Jihad and our response as Christians. Here is a synopsis of the training, we hope this brief summary helps Christians to better understand recent terror attacks, and that it will address the fears many Christians feel surrounding ISIS and radical Islam.

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Newly Launched Initiative Equips Nonprofits in Ministry

Faith-based nonprofits often have a lot of heart and passion to do good works for the Kingdom of God; but their leaders can find they are lacking resources and time to think about the bigger picture. Transform Minnesota launched a new initiative in 2015, aimed at equipping nonprofits for evangelical ministry, called Ministry Equip.

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Pastor’s Column: The Evangelical Season of Advent

Advent is a season of mournful longing and anticipation. But as Pastor Jason Meyer of Bethlehem Baptist shares, Advent should be one of the most evangelistic seasons of the church calendar. Some people come to church only twice a year (Christmas and Easter). Rather than criticize them, let’s capitalize on this willingness, by focusing church messages on the gospel; repent and believe.

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Pastor’s Column: The Power of Christmas in Our Pluralistic and Sometimes Dark World

As a former pseudo-Buddhist refugee-turned-Pastor, Le Que Heidkamp reflects on how the Incarnation of Jesus allows her to see the darkness in our world as redeemable. And the Power that Christmas has in our pluralistic and sometimes dark world.

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United in Freedom: Community and Confession

In our third part of United in Freedom, we took a look at how community and relationships are key to overcoming racial division in the body of Christ. The floor was opened up for public confession. Participants worshiped together through singing and holding hands, making promises starting with “I will…”

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Call to Prayer for Minneapolis 4th Precinct

Transform Minnesota urges churches in the evangelical network throughout Minnesota to pray on Sunday, Nov. 22 for justice and peace in the 4th precinct of Minneapolis.

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“Youth These Days” Blog Series: The Best Way to Replenish a Weary Youth Worker’s Soul

Youth ministry training conferences and seminars have their place as a tool to motivate and encourage youth workers. In our fourth and final part of our “Youth These Days” blog series, Darrin Geier of Woodbury Community Church encourages youth ministry workers during a season of emptiness or depletion, not to get sidetracked by depending on flashy conferences and speakers to fill them up, but to turn to God’s Word, the Bible.

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