Voice a Biblical theology of sexuality and relationships as good gifts from God.


Transform Minnesota believes that the starting point for understanding human sexuality is to recognize that all people are created in the image of God with gender and with sexual desires.

Anchored to Biblical teaching that God’s intent for full sexual expression is between a married man and woman, we seek to help followers of Jesus live according to God-given boundaries in sexual holiness.

Read our Transform Minnesota Board Adopted Resolution on Beliefs about Human Sexuality.

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Holy Sexuality Resources

A list of helpful resources as follow up to our Sexuality, Gender and the Church conference.

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Sexual Identity and Labels: A Testimony by Rachel Gilson

Rachel’s testimony begins with a secular family in a conservative area of California and ends with a radical understanding of God and His holiness.

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Transform Minnesota's Vision for Holy Sexuality

Our heart is to equip the Church in steadfast scriptural foundations while encouraging compassionate, Christ-like navigation of today’s more challenging topics.

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Rooted in Scripture, Motivated by Love

Transform Minnesota hosted president of the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender, Preston Sprinkle for two sold out events early this November.

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