Voice a biblical theology of sexuality, relationships, and spiritual family as good gifts from God.


Transform Minnesota believes that the starting point for understanding human sexuality and gender is to recognize that all people are created in the image of God–we are all made for community as brothers and sisters in the family of God.

Holy sexuality creates space for the connection and belonging of every person within God’s family–male and female, single and married. Jesus’s marriage to his bride, the Church, establishes the Biblical vision for both marriage and singleness.

Every person experiences barriers to finding flourishing regarding gender, sexuality, and relationships—yet the hurt, brokenness, and sin that we experience do not destroy these good gifts. With our sights set on redemption, we promote healthy relationships within God’s family, so every person can find hope, healing, and belonging together through Jesus.

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Holy Sexuality Upcoming Events


Holy Sexuality Previous Events

Building a Community of Belonging in the Church

Pastors and leaders worked to understand sexuality and gender beyond personal identity and learned more about fostering belonging in churches

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Posture Shift Brings Model of Inclusion

Two Posture Shift Intensive Courses offered participants a model for inclusion and care of LGBT+ individuals within their ministries.

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Applying a Biblical Sexual Ethic in Community

Dr. Greg Coles explores how the Church can apply a biblical sexual ethic for gay and straight members of church community.

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Dialogue About God-Honoring Identity Language

A discussion about finding God-honoring identity language which describes the experience of individuals who experience same-sex attraction.

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