Pursue racial harmony with the Church leading the way toward unity in Christ.


Sankofa Journey to Harmony is an intentionally multi-ethnic, experiential, and spiritual journey that will allow us to hear the histories of slavery and racial segregation and take us to important places in the Civil Rights movement. As we see and learn the history of racism and racial divides clearly, we can understand the impact on our society today. Throughout the journey, we will learn, understand, mourn, and repent together. And through the power of the Gospel, we will find hope as we come together in the Kingdom of God. 

We are grateful to bring back the Sankofa Journey to Harmony trip in May of 2022! 

This year’s Sankofa Journey to Harmony is led by Nina Barnes. Nina is the Vice President for Student Life and Human Resources at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. She is a board member for Transform Minnesota and a previous trip participant. As a Black woman and respected leader in the Twin Cities, Nina will bring her personal life story and experiences as she leads this journey. She is an educator and a student of history; her passion is to help us see how history is directly tied to our current reality in society and the Church. She is uniquely gifted in facilitating conversations and learning experiences like Sankofa Journey to Harmony. During our four days together, we will learn a lifetime of knowledge and perspective from Nina.  

Nina holds a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, along with numerous certifications including – Human Resources Management, Conflict Coaching & Mediation, and Christian Spiritual Direction. As a certified spiritual director, Nina considers it an honor and a sacred trust to help people navigate life while discovering purpose and meaning; work through challenges; develop as leaders; and experience transformation on the journey. 

While previous Sankofa trips have focused primarily on one-on-one conversations with a travel partner, this year we are excited to expand our learning to include personal reflection, as well as small and large group conversations led by Nina as well as other renowned leaders who are joining us on the trip. 

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Sankofa Reflection 2019: From Eeriness to Empowerment

“Several of the stops on our journey brought about an eerie, spiritual connection to my ancestors which was initially unsettling. As we continued, this sensation shifted from eeriness to empowerment as it gave me confidence that the strength of my people who endured these hardships still has the power to be a catalyst for true reflection,” wrote Elder Kyle Jeter, while reflecting on his 2019 Sankofa Journey.

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Sankofa Reflection 2019: The Truth About Acting Countercultural

“To assume I would have done differently is the height of arrogance or ignorance. The fact is that most of us are simply products of our culture and society, not independent actors. Most people simply will not act counter to our cultural environment. People do not think alone,” wrote Pastor Kory Kleinsasser, while reflecting on his 2019 Sankofa Journey.

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Sankofa Reflection 2019: Finding Myself In Birmingham

"I was eager to find my place in history. Would I have had the bravery to march with Dr. King? Could I have been counted among those who sat bravely at Woolworth’s to protest the immorality of segregation?... (Later) I found myself in Birmingham, standing on the wrong side of love–and history," writes Pastor Mike Tong, while reflecting on his 2019 Sankofa Journey.

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Sankofa Reflection 2019: The True Tragedy of the Ku Klux Klan

"I have always known that Klansmen were terrorists. I could easily identify their distinctive dress (white robes) and their symbol of terror (the cross). But sometimes the things you know fail to really hit home. It was not until I was face to face with those symbols at a museum in Birmingham, AL that I saw the true tragedy and tasted the true terror," writes Pastor Jason Meyer, while reflecting on his 2019 Sankofa Journey.

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