Engaging our history to pursue authentic reconciliation.


Sankofa: To return; to go; to fetch, seek, and take. 

From the Akan people of Ghana, Sankofa is the practice of looking back to move forward. Engaging the past is a necessary part of pursuing genuine reconciliation. If we don’t understand our history and how it impacts where we are today, we won’t know how to move forward.  

For any true transformation to take place, you must first know the story…Once you know the story, you can humbly own the story. – Josh Clemons & Hazen Stevens* 

Sankofa is an intentionally multi-ethnic, experiential, and spiritual journey – a pilgrimage. As we travel across the Southeastern United States, we will engage our history by visiting sites important to the Civil Rights movement, along with exploring the history of slavery and legalized segregation in the U.S.   

We invite you to join this journey as a humble learner with the posture of a pupil. Sankofa offers us the opportunity to acknowledge and lament foundations of our racially broken and divided present. Only then can we begin to repent, reorient, and pursue authentic reconciliation with God and each other. If we believe God’s kingdom come and will be done on earth as in heaven, then we have laid down our right to be indifferent.* 

Our 5th Sankofa journey took place October 2023. Stay tuned for updates about our next Sankofa journey!

Previous Sankofa journeys have focused primarily on one-on-one conversations with a travel partner. This journey expands the learning model to include personal reflection, along with small- and large-group conversations led by our trip leaders. Due to this model, participants are not required to bring a travel partner. 

* From Know. Own. Change. by Josh Clemons and Hazen Stevens 

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Sankofa Reflection 2023: I'm Responsible

Pastor Carleigh McCormick discusses the feelings of responsibility that came from in-person interaction with the past during Sankofa.

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Sankofa Reflection 2023: Learning From the Past

Bishop David E. Johnson reflects on the platform Sankofa provides to confront painful historical truths and work toward a more just future.

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Sankofa Reflection 2023: Following the Thread

Shani Johnson reflects on her experience of following the thread of history through the 2023 Sankofa journey.

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Sankofa at Home

Join us for a self-guided trip through sites related to the history or race and racism in Minnesota with Sankofa @ Home!

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