Catalyze relationships between evangelical leaders to cross racial barriers and overcome disparities.


Transform Minnesota’s pursuit of racial harmony is rooted in Gospel truths of reconciliation and justice, striving to come together in the Kingdom of God.

Our desire is to proclaim hope and unity. We know that by working together, greater impact can occur to overcome disparities, tension, and misconceptions to promote the Gospel.

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Fighting Racial Injustice and Understanding Racism in America

This October, several hundred gathered for Transform Minnesota’s Understanding Racism in America event with speakers Jemar Tisby and Laurel Bunker.

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In-Group Bias - It's In the Church Too

In-group bias in Christianity is all too normal. Dr. Ruben Rivera taught at the second Dismantling Racism training at Wooddale Church on March 21, 2018 on how Christians are often regularly, however subconsciously bias. Dr. Rivera taught about the dangers of making our view of Jesus captive to our in-group culture. Dr. Rivera showed how Jesus blew up in-group/out-group bias, and continues to empower His followers to take in-group love and give it to the out-group.

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Three Starting Principles in the Dismantling Racism Process

Dr. Ruben Rivera shared that most dismantling racism efforts stall or never get off the ground. At our first Dismantling Racism workshop, held at Mercy Vineyard Church on January 24, 2019, Dr. Rivera offered 3 principles when embarking on racial reconciliation work.

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Twin Cities Pastoral Panel - VIDEO

Twin Cities Pastoral Panel at An Evening with Bryan Stevenson on November 8, 2018; including Pastor Matthew St. John, Pastor Le Que Heidkamp, Pastor Edrin Williams, and Carl Nelson.

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