Design for Non-Designers

Those who work for nonprofit ministries often wear many hats. One of those hats is the work of designing programs, graphics, and marketing materials for their organization, often without receiving the proper graphic design training. On April 19, Transform Minnesota offered a Ministry Equip training called “Design for Non-Designers” for people who have no background in design work. Jordan Sundberg, graphic designer and owner of Tin Cup Design in Duluth, MN shared her expertise on how new designers can start generating ideas and the importance of creating a concept.

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God’s Spirit is Moving Inside Minn. Women’s Prison

God is moving at the Shakopee Women’s Prison in powerful ways. Prison Ministry volunteers can attest to it:
“I believe God is creating a revival inside the Shakopee Women’s Prison.”
“He is opening doors, minds and hearts; and He’s restoring hope and purpose.”
Estimates are that over 350 women have been baptized inside the prison since baptism services started being offered a few years back. But it’s not a one-time event. Volunteers from churches and evangelical ministries are a constant presence inside the prison walls, church attendance has sky-rocketed, and the Shakopee Women’s Prison is one of the first prisons in the world to allow a weekly Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class inside for meetings. Evangelical prison ministry groups believe God has big plans for these inmates after they’re released.

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Traveling Team Provides Minn. Churches with Ready-Made Vacation Bible School

Summer is quickly approaching. Does your church struggle to plan a week-long kids Vacation Bible School? Is recruiting volunteers a major headache? A traveling VBS is making stops all across the state, helping churches put on a high-energy, Gospel-focused summer day camp.Trout Lake Day Camps are open to all churches and denominations, and they still have some open weeks if your church is in need of a ready-made VBS program.

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Pastor’s Column: Message to Hispanic Congregations – “No Need to Panic”

Pastor Moisés Gómez writes about how the Evangelical Hispanic community and Hispanic Churches are feeling and responding during this tumultuous time in our country. He believes Hispanic pastors in Minnesota have been given the task of strengthening each member’s Christian roots, reminding them that God is in control of all things. Pastor Moisés Gómez is a journalist from Mexico who currently resides in a suburb of Minneapolis. He is the founder and director of the first Christian magazine in Spanish of the Twin Cities, Salt and Light (

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Sankofa 2017: Journeying Back, Looking Forward

Nearly 50 years after Dr. King’s assassination, 30 Twin Cities pastors kept Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive through Sankofa: Journey to Harmony. Sankofa is a Ghanaian phrase that translates as “go back and get it.” Our Journey to Harmony encouraged participants to go back and face our country’s roots in order to move forward.
Following our inaugural Sankofa: Journey to Harmony, we are inspired, filled with hope and continuing to look forward. It has become all too clear that it is the Gospel that reconciles people. So as we look ahead, we continue to dream of God’s multi-tribal Kingdom revealed in Revelation 7.

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Journey to Harmony: Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill, Pilgrim Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Charles Gill reflects on his experience on the Sankofa journey, and how this trip violated the sanctity of his safe space. He writes about the residue of pain, humiliation, and shame in the African American experience, that he found he cannot wash off. And how as the trip progressed, Rev. Gill found many of those emotions began to leak out from under the locked door of his soul. Read what Rev. Gill is doing and what he desires for next steps as a result of this trip. In February, 30 Twin Cities Pastors went on a Journey to Harmony, touring Civil Rights Sites in the South. A handful of these participants wrote up their reflections to share with the Body of Christ in Minnesota.

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Inaugural Rural and Small Town Conference Encourages 300 Midwest Ministry Leaders

On March 11, 2017 a leadership conference for rural and small town churches called Grow! was held at Cornerstone Church in Litchfield, MN. Over 300 pastors and ministry leaders from across the Midwest attended the inaugural conference designed to provide church leaders information on how to minister effectively, encourage them to see their unique role in God’s plan, and help them take the steps that can impact their world for all of eternity. Included is a Q & A with some Grow Conference participants engaged in rural ministry in the Midwest.

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A Prophetic Call to Welcome the Refugee

As we seek to understand how Christians are called to welcome the alien in our midst, be confident in our country’s screening process, knowing that refugees are subject to the highest level of security checks of anybody who travels to the United States. But also put your confidence in God’s calling on our lives to remember our ancestors who were once foreigners (found as the Hebrew word GER in the Old Testament), and to show hospitality to the stranger (hospitality is a Greek compound word of phileo and xenia, meaning love of stranger found in the New Testament). Included are links to resources from the March 2 Standing with Refugees event.

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Journey to Harmony: Pastor Kevin Walton, Bethany Baptist Church

Read Pastor Kevin Walton of Bethany Baptist Church’s experience as he confronts the horrific past and misery inflicted on African Americans by American white society, and the struggles he had identifying as a white man, as a participant and beneficiary of a historically unjust society. Yet, Pastor Walton explains how he was encouraged by how God sustained His people in the face of evil, and the healing and transformative reconciliation offered at the cross of Christ. In February, 30 Twin Cities Pastors went on a Journey to Harmony, touring Civil Rights Sites in the South. A handful of these participants wrote up their reflections to share with the Body of Christ in Minnesota.

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Insanity of God Authors Equip Those in Cross-Cultural Ministry

Nik and Ruth Ripken wowed 165 attendees at Transform Minnesota’s February Insanity of God conference. The sold-out 2-day conference at Celebration Church, Lakeville equipped those in cross-cultural ministry, by emphasizing the call of suffering on the mission field, whether in a participants’ own community or overseas in a persecuted region. Through their extensive travels, the Ripkens have absorbed invaluable lessons from over 600 believers in persecuted situations. Much of what they shared at the conference was communicated from the lessons the Ripkens gleaned from their work with the persecuted church. Read what some participants said about the powerful, practical, Biblical and affirming lessons taught by the Ripkens.

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