Transform Minnesota’s Initiatives

Transform Minnesota’s current five program initiatives support evangelical leaders in key impact areas by providing resources and collaboration on challenging issues. Transform Minnesota seeks to gather leaders and resources to develop solutions, share perspectives, and connect evangelicals for ministry opportunities. Together, we can increase Gospel impact to transform the state of Minnesota.


Develop a Biblical theology of sexuality and relationships as good gifts from God.

Equipping evangelical leaders to offer a vision of sexuality that exhibits grace-filled love and respect for all persons and guides followers of Jesus towards lives of sexual holiness.

We believe that the starting point for understanding human sexuality is to recognize that all people are created in the image of God with gender and with sexual desires.

We believe that each gender reflects unique aspects of God’s character and that male and female genders are gifts from God to be valued and honored. Just as God exists in community as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as God’s image-bearers we too desire human community and relationship. The most powerful, self-revealing expression of human relationship is sexual intimacy, and because of its powerful impact on our soul and pro-creative possibilities, God wisely gives boundaries to protect humans when we engage in sexual intimacy.

Anchored to Biblical teaching that God’s intent for full sexual expression is between a married man and woman, we seek to help followers of Jesus live according to God-given boundaries in sexual holiness. We encourage others to discover the spiritual, emotional, and physical health found by following God’s teachings.


Resources for faith-based organizations and churches working against sex trafficking.


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