Pastor’s Column: Bruce Talso, Police Chaplain

Pastor Bruce Talso is a volunteer Police Chaplain for the Brooklyn Park and Champlin Police Departments. He writes of his role as a chaplain to meet the needs of grieving family members while helping them process traumatic experiences. He also ministers to the police officers in their service to the community.

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Pastor’s Column: Rev. Amy Luukkonen, Women’s Prison Chaplain

Rev. Amy Luukkonen serves as a Chaplain in the Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility. Here she write about doing ministry in such a confining environment, and how she’s found a humble acceptance that God is working to create a sacred space even amidst all of the boundaries of prison.

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Pastor’s Column: Deb Eigen, Corporate Chaplain at Aagard

What is a Corporate Chaplain? Deb Eigen shares about her ministry in a marketplace setting and how she aims to build up each employee at Aagard Corporation through encouragement, emotional care, prayer, and resources.

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Help Move Plans to Actions: 5 Areas Pastors Can’t Ignore

Good planning is only part of moving a church forward, plans have to be executed. A lead pastor must keep a finger on the pulse of the church to ensure movement is happening. In larger churches, this can be delegated through staff; in smaller churches, the pastor typically has to be that point person to keep things progressing. Read five areas that require leadership and attention from the lead pastor to help move plans to action.

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Pastor’s Column: Reflections on Jeff Sessions and Romans 13

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ comments regarding immigrant families, and his citation of Romans 13:1 as the basis for obedience to the laws of the State, represent a deep misunderstanding and misapplication of the relationship between the Church and the State that is consistent with the misunderstanding of Romans 13 that has long plagued the Church. The Christendom interpretation of Romans 13 has warped our view of the relationship between the Church and State. The New Testament shows little interest in proper statecraft; rather, the New Testament shows concern for how the Church will witness to Christ. As a Church in these challenging times, we are going to need a much deeper and more reflective understanding of the many ways we have been made a pawn of East of Eden powers, and untangle ourselves from these misunderstandings that have done so much damage to our witness, and to our ability to live out the heart of God in the world.

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Two Steps to Creating a Workplace with Fully Engaged People

At our recent EQ Ministry Equip training, Dr. Parolini taught organizations, churches and business leaders the importance of recognizing that each employee brings their whole heart into the workplace. “If they check a part of themselves at the door, they don’t fully engage in the workplace,” said Dr. Jeanine Parolini. Plus the role of safety and trust in workplace relationships.

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The One Thing to Consider when Dealing with People

The one thing to consider when dealing with people. Dr. Jeanine Parolini taught about emotional intelligence at the EQ Ministry Equip training on May 31. Parolini highlighted the importance of recognizing that most humans instinctively react out of our insecurities. She shared the importance of participating in a 3-phase movement of surrender to God, rather than reacting out of insecurity.

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Sankofa 2018 Reflection: Dr. Greg Boyd, Woodland Hills Church

Dr. Greg Boyd’s reflection of the 2018 Sankofa journey. Dr. Boyd is the Senior Pastor at Woodland Hills Church. Here he writes about his initial reluctance to going on this group journey, and yet how hearing the stories of the African-American brothers and sisters journeying with him had a profound impact on him. Dr. Boyd shares how this experiential and relational journey to slavery and Civil Rights landmarks devastated him, hurt him and changed him.

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Rethinking Incarceration and the Church’s Role in Restorative Justice

More than 350 people showed up to the afternoon and evening Rethinking Incarceration forums to learn how Christians can help create a more restorative justice system. Dominique Gilliard taught about America’s history from slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration – a criminal justice system built on racial and social control. Gilliard urged the Church to harness their collective power and belief in the dignity of vulnerable people, and to advocate for the least of these by helping to transform the criminal justice system.

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Evangelicalism: Shared-Faith in Broad Diversity

Many people try to understand and communicate evangelical identity and diversity. The National Association of Evangelicals has created a brief statement that we hope will serve as a useful tool for you and your place of ministry.

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