Fear and Comfort

How does our understanding of fear and comfort help us pursue racial reconciliation?

“With Jesus in us, the Word of God as our root and as our basis, we can speak boldly about these issues, and we can also realize that we don’t have to have all the answers.”

Brooke Hempell and Susan Robinson host the Race & Redemption podcast. This podcast exists to provide first-hand testimonies along with Biblically and factually accurate, non-partisan content so that listeners are empowered to pursue racial justice right where they are planted.
Brooke Hempell lives with her family in Atlanta Georgia and is Senior Vice President of Barna Group. She and her team help ministries and nonprofits measure and understand perspectives and practices of faith and culture, such as the next generation, racial justice and diversity, vocation and calling, and changing ways that Christians engage with their faith. Susan Robinson lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Josh and their three children. She is a certified facilitator by the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute and completed the Ministry of Pastoral Care training intensive course on Inner Healing Prayer at Wheaton College.

October 1, 2020