Founders Leave a Christ-honoring Legacy through Planned Giving

Quint and Rachel Alfors wanted to leave a legacy that outlasted their own lifetime. They were the founders of our organization 50 years ago, and included Transform Minnesota in their planned giving. Quint and Rachel AlforsThrough Quint and Rachel’s lifetime of ministry work and their generous financial contributions, the Alfors leave behind a Christ-honoring legacy at Transform Minnesota, which was originally called GMAE, Greater Minnesota Association of Evangelicals.

“My parents felt that everything they did within and outside of GMAE was because of their commitment to Christ,” said David Alfors, son of Quint and Rachel Alfors.

“Throughout my dad’s life he made it known that it was important to give to the church and other ministries, both foreign and domestic, as well as nonreligious organizations that help the community,” said John Alfors, son of Quint and Rachel Alfors.

A Christ-honoring Legacy

Rachel Alfors went to be with the Lord in 2015 and Quint Alfors joined her in 2016, but Quint Alfors had the foresight to leave a bequest (a gift) in his will and estate plan, in addition to a gift of life insurance benefiting Transform Minnesota. Two of their sons, David and John told us their parents would have been honored by the legacy they created here on earth to benefit the Kingdom of God.

“Quint and Rachel dedicated their lives to the service of the Lord.  Their planned giving was one of many avenues that led to the spreading of the gospel and helping those in need,” said John Alfors.

“They wanted their gifts to be used where needed, so Christ can be honored,” said David Alfors. “My parents gave to organizations they felt were proclaiming Christ in their ministry.”

Investing in the Kingdom of God

Quint and Rachel Alfors are making an eternal investment with their planned giving; by donating generously to organizations doing the work of Jesus.

History - Quint Alfors“Quint Alfors invested his time and energy early on to create this ministry,” said Carl Nelson, president of Transform Minnesota.

“He cared so much to see this ministry live on and continue to help others for generations to come, that he put us in his planned giving, for which we are forever grateful,” said Carl Nelson.

“My parents believed that GMAE (now Transform Minnesota) was one of the organizations in the Twin Cities that could reach out to the community and address a need in Christ’s name where one church or individual Christians were unable to do it alone,” said David Alfors.

“They made a number of gifts to GMAE. My parent’s goal was for GMAE to be financially sound so that it could continue to support its current and future programs,” said John Alfors.

“Be generous: invest in acts of charity.  Charity yields high returns.  Don’t hoard your goods; spread them around.  Be a blessing to others.”  Ecclesiastes 11:1, 2 MSG

Following a Biblical Call for Stewardship

Quint and Rachel Alfors encouraged giving at every turn; while Quint was President of GMAE he helped set-up a generous endowment for the future of our organization.

“The result of Quint’s legacy of generosity has already been an inspiration to other Transform Minnesota donors who have chosen to leave a charitable gift in their will or estate plan,” said Carl Nelson.

“They were on the ground floor working to create the ministries in GMAE, they had very strong beliefs in what they were helping to create.  And after retirement both of them continued to volunteer at GMAE; that speaks volumes for their belief in GMAE,” said John Alfors.

Alfors Quint 2015rachel-alforsThe Alfors personally walked the talk, giving of their time and money. Quint and Rachel Alfors believed in the scriptural concept of stewardship and generosity. Even when times were tough, they modeled generosity in all stages of life; while working in ministry, in retirement, and while planning for a legacy after their own deaths.

“They lived on a fairly meager pastor’s salary for 24 years and raised 4 boys.  The last 8 years of their lives I was handling their finances for them and even though there was a lot of money being spent for their care, they still had enough to continue giving to those organizations that were close to their hearts,” said John Alfors.

“Even in retirement and old age, with increasing medical costs, my parents always tried to give as much to their church and favorite organizations as they had before retirement,” said David Alfors.

“Then in their passing they still had a substantial sum of money to distribute to their causes. I was very impressed with their overall financial giving,” said John Alfors.

“God will generously provide all you need.  Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.”  2 Corinthians 9:8

Even after their passing, the Alfors are changing and saving lives through the gifts they made for the future.

“My dad purchased life insurance on himself with GMAE as the beneficiary. After (Rachel and Quint’s) death, 35% of their estate is being distributed to churches, religious schools and organizations such as Transform Minnesota,” said John Alfors.

“In this last year alone 3,107 Christian leaders have been equipped. Now multiply that impact by the 50 years this organization has been around, and I believe through the Alfors’ stewardship, their gift lives on and continues to spread the gospel all across Minnesota,” said Carl Nelson.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.  At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9

For more information on making a legacy or planned gift, please contact Laurel Hardgrove at or call 612-746-5647.  Transform Minnesota is pleased to partner with donors to enable legacy gifts to benefit the community.


January 5, 2017