November 12 TCAMP: Reaching the world FROM a refugee camp

The November 12 TCAMP session will recount how Christian refugees have self-organized churches, mission training schools and youth camps in the Kakuma and Malawi refugee camps. Several leaders will report on recent site visits and personal experiences serving alongside these refugee Christians.

Connect with other mission pastors, missionaries and leaders at the TCAMP mission leaders network gathering on Thursday, November 12 from Noon – 1:30. The meeting will be held at New Hope Church.

Thursday, November 12, 2015Print
New Hope Church
4225 Gettysburg Avenue N.
New Hope, MN 55428


Refugees. Crisis. Global Diaspora. Displacement.

You’ve heard about this. News about the refugee crisis is being continually circulated in all forms with pictures, statistics, and headlines capturing the tragedy. And it is a tragedy.

But, have you heard there is hope?

The church is alive and active even in the midst of this tragedy. Within the confines of the Kakuma, Malawi, and Zaatari refugee camps there is hope through camp-based churches and nonprofits. The Kingdom of God is present and active. Amid destruction, desperation, and displacement, the church is alive, growing, and SENDING missionaries. In the Kakuma camp alone, there are more than 55 self-organized churches. There is hope for refugees! 

Join us at TCAMP to hear how the church is responding to the refugee crisis. Presenters will share about recent refugee camp visits, report on the status of camp-based churches, and describe how US churches are helping lead youth camps and providing Bibles to refugee camp churches.


Panel Members:

Mark Schoenrock, Kenya Ministry Leader for IAFR and former Vice President of Photography and Vice President of Human Resources for Lifetouch. Mark is a sought out business consultant and effective public speaker, has served on numerous boards & committees of non-profit organizations and has consulted with church administrators and leaders on strategic, administrative, human resource & operational issues. As part of Wooddale Church, Mark led several medical and service mission trips to Central America over a 10 year period. Mark and his wife, Jennifer, a pastor of spiritual formation, reside in Minnesota.

Sarah Miller, US Regional Director for IAFR, has been serving refugees since 1992. She served asylum seekers in Europe for nine years and has served resettling refugees in the USA since 2001 with International Teams. She has also served refugees in Kenya and Malawi and has led short-term teams to Kenya and to U.S. refugee and immigrant communities. She most recently served as International Teams’ U.S. Area Ministry Director. Sarah began serving with IAFR in 2014. Sarah is an active member of the Refugee Highway Partnership in North America – a network of churches and agencies serving forcibly displaced people. Sarah has traveled extensively over the years and has met refugees and asylum seekers from over forty different countries. She currently lives in Minnesota.

Brian Doten, senior pastor at Northwood Church. Northwood Church has made refugee ministry a primary focus by helping resettle refugees, visiting the Kakuma refugee camp (another planned visit in December for a youth camp), and giving to Bibles for Refugees and Shelters for Refugees.

Jessica Wills (Refugee Life Ministries Program Director) and Michelle Eberhard (Director of Refugee Resettlement Services) for Arrive Ministries will report on their recent trip to Kenya the end of October.

Rebecca Ulasich and her husband Andrew served in Mafraq, Jordan, a city near the Zaatari refugee camp in the summer of 2014, partnering with a local Christian & Missionary Alliance Church to minister to Syrian refugees.


About Our Network Gatherings

Food: Bring your own “brown bag” lunch. Desserts and beverages are provided by the host church, and you are welcome to bring your own meal and eat with everyone else.

Meeting Times: The meeting is from noon-1:30. To encourage learning and collaboration we invite you to arrive 10-15 minutes early, or feel free to stay longer to network with other leaders.

Our Purpose: TCAMP seeks to deliver two important values to local churches and global missions leaders:

  • Connect mission leaders to add momentum to the global missions movementThe Twin Cities is privileged to have a strong, collaborative missions community. Few other US cities have such a community.
  • Support the professional development of mission movements by sharing best practices and opportunities for learningTCAMP serves as a professional peer network for mission leaders from church staffs, mission committees, field workers and other ministry entities.

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