Real Justice, True Peace

Only a United Church Can Heal a Divided Nation 

In anticipation of the upcoming March 8th Derek Chauvin trial for the death of George Floyd, the eyes of the nation are on the Twin Cities. Transform Minnesota is partnering with a leadership group of Black and white pastors who believe this is a critical time for the Church to stand united in word and deed, prior to, during, and after the trial. Together, we have planned a prayer gathering for unity and peace on March 7th at 3pm at the Minneapolis Government Center Plaza. We are asking clergy to join us as we stand a diverse and unified group under the Body of Christ, and we are asking believers to partner with us in intentional prayer. 

This initiative to spearhead a movement of unity among believers must transcend political party and denomination. It must lean into and celebrate racial and generational diversity. We are unified through our citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven and we are bound together in Christ’s love. Our communities need answers to the current and historic pain and injustice in our cities; they need to see the Church unite and cling to our faith in a God of perfect peace and justice. 

The momentum for unity must extend far beyond March 7th; true biblical solidarity with one another will require extended action, faithful dedication, patience, and humility. We will pray for God to bring renewal out of pain and we will stand together, as unified leaders of the Church, trusting that God will move and oversee healing in our communities. 

Transform Minnesota believes that majority culture pastors and leaders need to speak directly to the issue of this historic trial and set a precedent for peace and justice to prevail. The trial results do not threaten or diminish God’s authority or sovereignty. His Kingdom is real and relevant, and the power of the Gospel can help us remain united even when worldly expectations are not met. Though this trial will test our unity, we have a shared anchor that will never fail. Let us glorify Christ. 

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We invite you to pray with us for the following:  

  1. We pray for the peace of God to descend on our cities. 
  2. We pray that all would come to know the saving power of Jesus. 
  3. We pray for healing from the brokenness in our communities. 
  4. We pray for our government, leaders, and police. 
  5. We pray for the removal of racism and for racial unity in the Church. 
  6. We pray for God’s judicial integrity to rule the hearts of man and for justice for George Floyd and his family. 
  7. We pray for protection from spiritual warfare and outside agitators. 
  8. We pray for protection against division within our Church walls and broader community. 
  9. We pray for peace in our state and safety in our cities. 
  10. We pray for God’s will to be done. 

February 3, 2021
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