Transform Minnesota’s Call to Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Transform Minnesota is committed to helping evangelical Christians pursue racial justice and reconciliation from a distinctly biblical perspective. As a racially diverse network, we are grieved by today’s racial injustices. We lament racial disparities and their generational impact. We mourn the tragic consequences of our nation’s 400-year history of racism.   

In 2019 Transform Minnesota published a board-adopted resolution: Pursuing Racial Justice and ReconciliationThis declaration stems from more than a decade of longstanding relationships within our network committed to addressing systemic racism in our communities.   

America has contended with the sin of racism for 400 years, and centuries of racial injustice are not easily erased or reversed. It should not surprise us that a sin so deeply ingrained in our national history will take generations of persistent, righteous commitment to uncover, uproot and heal.  

We encourage evangelicals to:   

  • confess and repent America’s history of racism  
  • understand more fully the historical and contemporary facets of racial injustice and systemic racism  
  • acknowledge racism as an affront to the value of individuals created in God’s image 
  • seek an end to racial injustice, and its lingering consequences, by advocating for policies that affirm the dignity of all races and ethnicities  

Transform Minnesota firmly believes that the Church has a unique responsibility to model racial justice and reconciliation.   

September 21, 2020
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