Yet Another Black Life Devalued and Disregarded

Those who watch the bystander video of George Floyd are witness to a blatant disregard and dismissal of his humanity. His personhood and dignity were met with violence and his last breaths were handled with a cruel lack of basic human careWe lament this lost life and the manner in which it was taken. We also grieve alongside the Black community as they continue to fear police brutality.  

“Transform Minnesota is heavy with the understanding that George was not treated as a person of worth during his final moments here on earth. We stand with our Black brothers and sisters in grief and await justice,” says Carl Nelson, President of Transform Minnesota.  

God created each of us in His image, and we each bear His likeness. As followers of Christ, we are not only pro-life but life-affirming. We believe everyone has inherent worth and value ascribed to them by God, and should be treated to reflect this truth. 

Damascus Way is an affiliate halfway housing program of Transform Minnesota serving men with incarceration histories. The majority of these men are African Americans who have been in the criminal justice program. Executive Director of Damascus Way, Tierre Webster, shared the following:  

Oftentimes the humanity of certain people groups are disregarded. This man being brutally destroyed is a person and has a name. His name is George. Unfortunately, his life seemed not to matter to those that were involved in his life being taken. Today we will have to contend with once again whose lives matter most and why. On behalf of Damascus Way Reentry Center and the thousands of people that we serve, we affirm that George’s life mattered and still does today. Therefore, we are committed to serving every person that comes through our doors with the highest dignity and respect. George, to us, you matter.”

May 26, 2020
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