Daily Archives: October 7, 2015

Pastor’s Column: Becoming a Volunteer Church

Church leaders are exhausted by the lack of volunteer help. Volunteers are vital to creating growth and new ministries, and are the key to introducing youth and children to Jesus Christ. Under the leadership of Jill Fox, Wooddale Church's volunteer program boasted 3,000+ participants. In our Pastor's Column, Jill writes about how to mobilize the church’s most vital workforce, volunteers.
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“Youth These Days” Blog Series: The Big Five

In the second part of our "Youth These Days" blog series, Zach Marino of Maple Grove Evangelical Church writes about 5 recommendations he has for developing a kingdom-impacting youth ministry. Zach believes these pointers help strike the balance in youth ministry of being relevant yet biblical, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit dependent and God-glorifying.
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