Daily Archives: July 19, 2016

Urban Church Planting Q & A Series: Jubilee Community Church

For our Urban Church Planting Q & A series, we interview pioneer church planters who, having firmly planted churches in urban areas of the Twin Cities, look back and share their wisdom and reflections. Here we interview John Erickson, lead pastor of Jubilee Community Church in South Minneapolis. John helped to plant another church in Brooklyn Center, MN before planting Jubilee in the Phillips neighborhood, where he grew up.
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How Covenants Show God’s Heart for Relationships

in News. Posted July 19, 2016
Dr. Paul Eddy defines covenant as a committed, community-based, kinship-creating, agape love relationship. But he says it can be simplified down to two simple words: love formalized. Dr. Eddy believes studying covenants gives believers a better sense of God’s heart for how He shapes relationships. At his Covenantal Theology training at City Church on July 13, Dr. Eddy shared how we can improve our marriages by accurately viewing them as Kingdom-oriented covenants. Through that Kingdom-oriented lens, sex within a male-female marriage becomes the sign of the covenant. He urged church leaders to teach Kingdom Marriages, that put the Kingdom community and the imaging of the triune God at the center of it.
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