7 Ways for Christians to Transform the World

What if Christians would work together on issues of immense concern with a transformative mindset? What would those issues be and what would be the fruits of those labors?

Geoff Tunnicliffe, the CEO and secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance recently wrote an opinion piece for the “Christian Post” where he outlined seven ways for Christians to work together. Tunnicliffe is preparing to step away from the World Evangelical Alliance after a decade on the job.

He are Tunnicliffe’s seven issues that should rally Christians:

1. Bolster Religious Freedom: Tunnicliffe urges Christians to bring prayer, attention and help for those suffering around the around and suggests a high-profile gathering that would draw people to the issue.

2. Biblical Foundation: While biblical illiteracy is becoming more common, Tunnicliffe recommends a recommitment to the effort of “making the scriptures more culturally accessible through film, TV and online resources.”

3. Peace: While war, conflict and disagreement seem to be on the rise globally, Tunnicliffe wants Christians to act as peacemakers in our own communities and around the world, including in places of high conflict.

4. The Least of These: Christians should be united in their efforts to bring help and hope to those around the world who are exploited and impoverished. The global church could play a monumental role in alleviating these conditions if it worked together.

5. Nuclear Weapons: Tunnicliffe believes evangelicals should become more involved in nuclear disarmament, as evidenced by the work of the Roman Catholic Church.

6. Corruption: Global corruption results in a countless amount of money lost—not to mention the number of lives adversely affected. Tunnicliffe hopes a united Christian effort “can make a powerful difference in responding to this global epidemic.”

7. Healthy Marriages and Families: The world is filled with a variety of challenges to healthy marriages and families. Tunnicliffe writes: “If we as the global Christian family can come together around these immense issues, this might be a direct answer [to] the Lord who taught us to pray, ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’”