April 8: Love Moves Conference

Can I live Life On Purpose?

Saturday, April 8
9:00am – 2:00pm 
Hope Community Church – East Building
704 11th Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55415

Register: www.lovemovesconference.com

Claude Hickman
Executive Director of The Traveling Team

Claude is a graduate of Dallas Seminary, a former professional BMX athlete, and the author of Live Life On Purpose www.thetravelingteam.org/claude 

Hope Community Church
Transform Minnesota (TCAMP)

WORKSHOPS (two sessions each)

#1 Mobilizing On Purpose

Following the commitment of the Mount Hermon 100, which launched the Student Volunteer Movement in 1886, a few were asked to begin traveling to college campuses across the nation to share God’s purpose of reaching the nations – 162 campuses were visited with 2,106 new volunteers committing to be missionaries.  Ultimately, 20,000 would go and 80,000 remained to pray, send and mobilize here in the US.  This workshop will unpack the experiences of three current mobilizers and tools individuals can use to explain God’s Word, World and Work as they seek to mobilize others to His “glocal” cause.

#2 Discovering My Purpose

We have been created to reflect the Image of God to the nations.  “What is my divine design?”  This workshop will unpack ways to better understand our gifts, talents and strengths in service to God’s cause; sometimes when a group of highly motivated and gifted individuals join together on task, team relationships will likely include conflict, but ways through these troubled waters will also be explored.

#3 Arrive On Purpose

Millions of the unreached are on the move globally and many are coming to our front door right here in Minnesota.  Arrive Ministries will help participants in this workshop unpack principles and practical steps regarding how to relate well as a “Welcomer” to these new residents.

#4 Being Sent With Purpose

What is the role of the local church in sending workers?  This workshop will unpack the vital role as well as principles and practices of local churches to “equip the saints for the work of service.”  Roadblocks to mission such as family, dating relationships and debt will also be addressed.

#5 Preparing On Purpose

Sometimes there are too many questions, and not enough workshops – This workshop will be a panel discussion featuring seasoned ministry leaders on several topics related to “preparing to go” such as: be discipled now, develop ministry skills before you go, learn to relate cross-culturally here, the practice and power of prayer, be a self-feeder, and more!