August 18: Distinctions for Youth

Biblical clarity in a sexually-confused world.

Thursday, August 18 from 9:00-11:30am
Substance Church Northtown Campus

8299 Central Ave NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432.
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Distinctions for Youth

In preparation for the new school year, we invite youth pastors, youth leaders, and parents of youth to join us for this seminar. God’s original creative act included distinctions: between light and dark, between heavens and earth, between God and creation, and between male and female. These distinctions are good, and the loss of distinction in any area leads to confusion.
Based on this understanding, Distinctions for Youth is designed to empower youth pastors and leaders to form an educated, biblical, and compassionate response to gender and sexual confusion. The morning will educate participants with a biblical understanding of homosexuality and equip them with practical tools to reach out to youth in their congregations who struggle with same-sex attractions or identify as gay. We will also discuss the impact of homosexuality on youth culture and the struggles specific to youth in today’s sex-permeated culture.

Participants will also hear encouraging testimonies that give proof of God’s transforming power.
God’s plan of distinction brings clarity to our mind, hope to our heart, and life to our spirit. Join us and discover this clarity, hope, and life, and learn to share it with our world.


The seminar will be conducted by Nate Oyloe, president of Outpost Ministries, a ministry that works with individuals and families impacted by homosexuality. Outpost emphasizes obedience to God’s Word, healing, and transformation from identity in Christ. This session will include testimony and Q&A.

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