Call to Prayer for Minneapolis 4th Precinct

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Statement to Churches:

Call to prayer for Minneapolis 4th Precinct

Transform Minnesota urges churches in the evangelical network throughout Minnesota to pray on Sunday, Nov. 22 for justice and peace in the 4th precinct of Minneapolis.


[Download this statement in PDF here]

The circumstances and conditions in this community that have led to 6 consecutive days of protest are nuanced and complex. They cannot be adequately understood by reading news headlines broadcast by media, or slogans and chants posted on social media. As Christ followers we should always move towards places of inequity, conflict and misunderstanding, first with prayers for peace and justice, and then with long-term commitments to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city” to which we are called.

  • PRAY FOR JUSTICE & PEACE: In the midst of this emotionally-charged standoff pray that both police and protesters will be overwhelmed with a spirit of peace that prevents escalation, and pray that the lament of those who have experienced injustice will be heard and responded to.
  • PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING: These protests have erupted in part out of festering frustration fueled by racial disparities in education, employment, income and policing tactics. Pray that decision makers and people of influence together with those most affected by these disparities can arrive at a shared understanding of the root causes of injustice and proceed in harmony towards solutions to overcome these inequities.
  • PRAY FOR CHRISTIANS ALREADY ENGAGED: In particular pray for African American clergy who have been present in this protest to dissuade “agent provocateurs” who would incite violence, and who are dialoguing with police to bring about a peaceful and just resolution. Many Black churches, and other congregations, are present and ministering day after day to lift people out of poverty, to educate children, to strengthen marriages and families, and to heal the wounds left by generations of racial division and inequity. These sisters and brothers are a blessing to the Body of Christ.
  • PRAY FOR COMMITMENT: It will take long-term, committed engagement by many sectors of society to undo the inequities that fuel this protest. The Church must be part of this solution and pray that God will give us a heart of mercy and an unwavering commitment to “seek the peace and prosperity” of all God’s people.
Churches and ministries in Minneapolis are responding daily.

On Monday, Nov. 23 at 7 pm, Shiloh Temple (1201 W. Broadway) is hosting a community prayer gathering together with the Mission: St. Paul prayer network and other ministries.

On Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 7 pm Community Covenant and Sanctuary Covenant churches will meet (901 Humboldt Ave. N) to share, discern and plan for ongoing engagement.

Hope United CDC ministry convenes the Bridge of Reconciliation monthly and meets next on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 11:50 am at Heritage Park Senior Center (1015 N 4th Ave).

The African American Elder’s Council meets the third Thursday each month and their clergy network has been responding and present daily.