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Reexamining Sexuality as a Gift from God

in News. Posted October 9, 2018
Before we could start reexamining sexuality, we examined the value of having a healthy view of God: as the creator of sex, desire, gender, mind, body and spirit. Next, we focused on reexamining our views of ourselves and others as image bearers of God. Finally, we embraced God’s good design for having a healthy view of sexuality and of being sexual and spiritual beings. Transform Minnesota believes in the power of diving into the complex issues surrounding sexuality in today’s society. It is only through having a healthy view of God, ourselves and others that our society can hold a healthy view and experience of sex.
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Keeping Quality Staff Happy: 3 Elements to Employee Retention

in News. Posted October 5, 2018
The 3 elements to employee retention that will keep employees satisfied, engaged and loyal. When managers at non-profit organizations and churches think about how to retain quality employees, their main complaint is they don’t have the funding to increase pay. But when people are asked why they do what they do – pay is NOT at the top of the list. Find out what is! And how this can keep your quality staff happy!
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Transform Ideas Expands to St. Cloud and Rochester, with Mental Health Forum

in News. Posted October 5, 2018
Transform Minnesota is thrilled to expand the reach of Transform Ideas across the state by bringing our thoughtful and engaging public forum to St. Cloud and Rochester. Nearly 300 people from the St. Cloud area attended the first Transform Ideas St. Cloud on September 25 at Calvary Community Church; the topic was mental health and the church. We are excited to announce we are also bringing Transform Ideas: Awakening the Church to Mental Health to Rochester on November 29th at Rochester Covenant Church. Read a full recap of Transform Ideas St. Cloud, plus a compilation of resources and referrals.
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Pastor’s Column: Were the Three Hebrew Boys Wrong?

Rev. David Myles writes about the story of the three Hebrew boys (in Daniel 3) standing up to what they considered wrong in the face of the nationalistic, popular beliefs and practices. Rev. Myles likens the Hebrew boys' refusal to bow and worship the golden image King Nebuchadnezzar set up, to NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. In the future, under a new national leader, Rev. Myles warns it could be Christians' religious fidelity and liberty that is being challenged based on similar arguments. "Is it possible that what you are supporting today will be used against you in the future in a similar or same manner?" "It might not only be kneeling in protest, but also kneeling in prayer that will be called into question," Rev. Myles argues.
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School & Church Partners, a Match Made in Heaven

in News. Posted August 9, 2018
The school is the hub of any community. This Back to School season, many Minnesota churches are partnering with local school districts to meet the needs of their neighbors. Read about the ways these churches and local organizations are showing the love of Jesus through serving their schools. And find out ways your church can experience the vibrant people and cultures of its community, by stepping inside its local schools.
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Welcoming the Stranger; a Biblical Perspective on Immmigration

in News. Posted August 6, 2018
On August 2nd, Arrive Ministries, the refugee resettlement affiliate of Transform Minnesota hosted a seminar called “Welcoming the Stranger." More than 350 people heard a message of compassion and justice for immigrants and refugees shared by Matthew Soerens, co-author of “Welcoming the Stranger.” When Jesus was asked “Who are my neighbors?” Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus’ answer is still instructing the American Church on how we should respond to foreigners. In today's culture, when answering who are our neighbors, Soerens teaches us that the Bible instructs us to love and have compassion on refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.
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