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Pastor’s Column: Reflecting on Dramatic Growth and Evangelism

Berean Baptist Church in Burnsville, MN was included as #10 among the fastest growing churches in the country, according to Outreach Magazine. Pastor Brent Birdsall says he cannot point to a strategic plan, specific program nor evangelistic effort to credit the growth. But, here he shares three observations he’s noticed while reflecting on Berean’s stewardship of that growth.
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3 Rules for Social Media Engagement

in News. Posted April 3, 2018
On March 20, Dr. Brian Stewart and Dean Bill Tibbetts of North Central University's School of Business taught our Ministry Equip seminar on "Strategic Social Media." In our ever evolving social media landscape, this seminar taught effective social media marketing tools for faith-based non-profits, including 3 rules for social media engagement.
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Entrusted with the Gospel in Rural and Small Towns

in News. Posted March 15, 2018
275 rural pastors attended the Grow! Conference in Willmar, MN, hailing from a span of 800 miles across the Midwest. The Grow! Conference was led by a diverse array of denominations, church leaders, and speakers which evoked a unifying spirit in Christ. With a focus on the unique rural experience and how to whole-heartedly embrace the place God has called them, participants said the content was invaluable. Through Grow! we aim to encourage rural church leaders that God is with them and He will give them what they need to share His love and message to their small town.
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Assessing How to Best Help in Anti-Trafficking Efforts

in News. Posted March 14, 2018
“Typically people want to engage this trafficking problem in a really visibly meaningful way. They want to give themselves something to assess, report, measure, like recovering victims or mentoring victims. The problem with that thinking is that it generally means people want to be involved in the knee-deep place of pulling victims out of sex trafficking. Think about how impractical most of that work is for the majority of people," said Sgt. Grant Snyder of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Human Trafficking task force. Sgt. Snyder shared some assessment tools in how to best help in anti-trafficking efforts, including the importance of prayer and prevention work.
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Pastor’s Column: Evangelism in the Hmong Community

Rev. Chong Yang of St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church gives us an in-depth look at evangelism in the Hmong community, starting with a basic understanding of the ancient cultural beliefs of shamans (witch doctors) and sorcerers. Rev. Yang shares how spiritual encounters and attacks are common in the Hmong community (Christians and non-Christians alike). And how Hmong churches need to have a strong foundation in the work of the Holy Spirit and His empowerment of healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare, in order to share the Gospel to Hmong people.
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Mourning and Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Rev. Billy Graham in Minnesota

in News. Posted February 21, 2018
We mourn the loss of Rev. Billy Graham while we celebrate his legacy and great influence in spreading the message and hope of Jesus Christ all over the world, especially right here in Minnesota. Graham was monumental in shaping the evangelical landscape of Minnesota through launching a Christian radio station, leading a local Christian University, founding the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - long headquartered in Minneapolis, and leading four life-changing crusades in the Twin Cities. Rev. Graham's preaching about Christ’s free gift of salvation will continue to be spread for generations to come. We, at Transform Minnesota, are grateful for the life of Rev. Billy Graham, for his leadership, vision, faith and most importantly love of Jesus and others that he so freely shared with the world.
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The Church Must Continue Anti-Trafficking Work After the Super Bowl

in News. Posted February 14, 2018
The Super Bowl has come and gone. Unfortunately, so has much of the hype surrounding anti-trafficking efforts in our community. So, we at Transform Minnesota are calling on churches and faith leaders to continue in the fight against sex trafficking in our communities. By harnessing the momentum of the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, we hope churches will launch this anti-trafficking movement forward, to have long-term impact on the lives of rescued victims, and in the restoration of local perpetrators.
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