Feb. 10: Missional Generosity – creating generous church cultures

Converge North Central (MN-IA Baptist Conference) Hosts “Missional Generosity: creating generous church cultures” conference

Feb. 10, 2015
9 am – 4 pm
Cornerstone Church, Crystal, MN

Generosity ConferenceJust imagine if your church had “generosity” as a core value – your people would give freely of their time, talent and treasure, they would be good managers of what God has given them, they would minimize their personal debt and they would step up to new opportunities to serve God. Just imagine a church set free from the bondage of greed. Joy would overflow from that church! You don’t have to imagine, that kind of church exists! I’ve pastored one and have visited many others. That is why we are hosting Generosity Summits in our region.

Generosity is more than an event or experience. Generosity is transformational and always starts with God. He is a generous God and we are to be a generous people. Generosity is not about what we want from people but what we want for people. Living generously is our loving response to God and his great generosity toward us.

Converge North Central wants to maximize the impact of churches by helping leaders create a culture of generosity in and through the local church.

The strategy is simple:
Expose church leadership to generous living principles from God’s Word
Coach leaders to develop plans and practices that create a generous culture in their church
Resource leaders through partnerships with organizations that add value to their ministry
Reproduce a culture of generosity in other churches through intentional mentoring networks

One pastor who attended said the Generosity Summit transformed his finance team “from being counters of money to becoming cultivators of generosity throughout the church.”

The first half of the summit creates a thirst in leaders to become generous. The second half looks more like a strategic planning session in which the participants take the principles they have learned and apply them to their churches. The entire summit is filled with interaction so that your team goes home on the same page.

Would you consider bringing a team of people that includes a good mix of staff and lay leaders. They should be like-minded and have a heart for seeing generosity become a core value at your church. After attending you will leave not only inspired but with valuable tools including message series ideas and a plan to help you implement this into the culture of your ministry.

The price is $69 for the first attendee from your church and $29 for all other attendees. To register go to our website: www.convergemibc.org

Scott Ridout Converge PresidentThe new Converge Worldwide President Scott Ridout will be coming to our Converge North Central (MIBC) region to get to know us and teach us about generosity. Scott is a turnaround pastor who led Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, AZ to become one of the fastest growing churches in the country.

The Minnesota site is:
Feb. 10, 2015
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Cornerstone Church
3420 Nevada Ave N.
Crystal, MN 55427

Further questions; email Mandy Johnson mjohnson@convergemibc.org

P.S. Francis Chan gives you one more opportunity to be inspired toward generous living: http://vimeo.com/32093170