February 1-4: Get in the Game “Street Outreach Blitz”

Sponsor: Get in the Game

Street Outreach Blitz

It’s time to get in the game! Our nation—and the world—will have their eyes set on the Super Bowl in Minnesota. Events the week leading up to the game will capture the attention of football fans and our entire community. Whether people see it as a disruption or highlight, the Super Bowl hype gives Christ followers an opportunity to share with our neighbors and visitors on the street the most amazing victory of all time—not by a sports team, but through the eternally victorious Jesus Christ.

No matter what your interest level in sports, you can make a difference for Christ at this time. Don’t be caught sitting on the bench! Commit today to the prayer – care – share game plan, and let’s start praying for many souls won for Christ in this season of outreach.

Bring your small group or join a team to help saturate the Twin Cities with prayer and “Football-to-Faith” Gospel Conversations!

When: February 1st-4th, 2018

Where: Several locations around the Twin Cities!

Information: Click HERE to view the various events taking place and find out how you can get involved! And click HERE to learn more about Get in the Game!