Transform Minnesota’s Initiatives

Transform Minnesota’s current five program initiatives support evangelical leaders in key impact areas by providing resources and collaboration on challenging issues. Transform Minnesota seeks to gather leaders and resources to develop solutions, share perspectives, and connect evangelicals for ministry opportunities. Together, we can increase Gospel impact to transform the state of Minnesota.

Racial Harmony is an initiative to catalyze relationships between evangelical leaders to cross racial barriers and overcome disparities.

Transform Minnesota, in support of evangelical leadership, works to understand and overcome racial divisions by building relationships, promoting education and understanding, and engaging in change efforts to reduce racial disparities. Our pursuit of racial harmony is rooted in Gospel truths of reconciliation and justice, striving to come together in the Kingdom of God. By hosting events, forums, and fostering dialogue among pastors and leaders, our desire it proclaim hope and unity. We know that by working together, greater impact can occur to overcome disparities, tension, and misconceptions to promote the Gospel.


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Sankofa Journey 2018

Rethinking Incarceration

Restorative Worship Gathering

Restorative Worship Gathering

Responding to Officer Yanez Trial

The Timeless Call for Racial Harmony

Sankofa: Journey to Harmony 2017

Community Prayer Gathering

African American Pastors Coalition

United in Freedom