Join the Network!

As a statewide network of thousands of evangelicals—churches, ministries and individuals—Transform Minnesota is committed to making Gospel transformation a reality.

As a united group of like-minded believers, we can accomplish more than any one single person or entity. That’s the unique and compelling value of Transform Minnesota. We connect a broad and diverse group of Christians in a movement united by our common faith and our shared vision of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform our state.

If we work together, we can transform Minnesota!

 By joining Transform Minnesota, individuals, churches and ministries will gain access to:

  1.  Relationships: opportunities to connect with thousands of evangelicals across the state.
  2.  Resources: access to speakers, publications, conferences and a variety of practical and ministry-related resources.
  3.  Representation: opportunity to be part of a united voice on significant religious and cultural issues.
Join the NETWORK

Joining the network is easy. Go to to complete the simple form. There is no minimum fee, but we encourage participants to support Transform Minnesota as they are led.

Who Can Join the Network?

Individuals • Churches • Denominations & Associations • Ministries • Businesses • Colleges & Universities

Who Leads the Network?

Some network participants choose to take an additional step and become official members of Transform Minnesota because they desire to take an active leadership role in the association. We call these participants “Network Leaders.” They play an important role in setting direction, giving advice, advocating for evangelical collaboration and supporting the association.

Visit to learn more about Network Leaders.