July 10: Pray Together Sunday

Pray TogetherWill your church participate in Pray Together Sunday and commit to a time of prayer in your worship service on July 10? With a unified voice, we will join together and ask Jesus to reset our hearts and our nation.

Here are a few reasons to take part:
Power of Prayer

Americans are divided among many different lines — politics, neighborhoods, school districts, race, socio-economic status. We tend to surround ourselves with people who are like us — furthering the division. The Church can be the place where people come together. But we need God’s help.

At the heart of Pray Together Sunday is the belief that Jesus changes everything. Jesus can bring unity where there is division, action where there is apathy, faith where there is unbelief, grace where there is shame, humility where there is pride, hope where there is fear, and love where there is hate.

Unity of Believers

God’s desire is that we would be unified in him. As part of Jesus’ prayer in the Upper Room before taking on the cross, he prayed that his followers “may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. Pray Together SundayMay they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me” (John 17:21).

As an association of evangelical denominations, nonprofits, businesses, schools, churches and individuals, the NAE and Transform Minnesota get a unique look at how evangelicals — particularly leaders within the community — work together to be an influence for good. The energy and excitement among our leaders to galvanize Christians across the country and across denominations together in prayer has been contagious.

With churches participating from various backgrounds and traditions, Pray Together Sunday will demonstrate the unity of believers. We need you.

A National Campaign

Pray Together Sunday will kick-o­ff the week leading up to Together 2016, a national campaign to bring 1 million people to the National Mall for a day of worship and prayer on Saturday, July 16. An impressive list of speakers and artists, including Hillsong United, Francis Chan, Lecrae and Ravi Zacharias, plan to be there. Learn more about supporting or attending for Together 2016 by visiting Reset2016.com.

Reid Evenson, a Transform Minnesota board member and founder of Tradition Capital Bank, is attending Together 2016 in Washington D.C. with his daughter and granddaughters.

“Together 2016 is an opportunity to honor Jesus in an unprecedented way. My prayer is that we have a HUGE crowd and it signals to the rest of the country and the world that Jesus is the answer and we need Him to be front and center of what we do every day,” said Evenson.

This may be the moment that defines a generation, and we want to cover the event in prayer.

Local Churches Joining In

Will your church commit to a time of dedicated prayer during your church service on Sunday, June 10? We invite you to pray for the Together 2016 event and for a reset of ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our nation. Find resources and register your church at NAE.net/praytogether.

What if 1 million Christians in di­fferent churches of di­fferent denominations across the country joined together one Sunday in prayer? What if we all asked Jesus to bring us together in unity and love?

This is a simple call to pray together and wait in anticipation for what God will do.

“We can make all the plans and strategies we want but God is going to make this a success. His will, not ours be done. We need to pray fervently for His Blessing on Together 2016. I hope our churches are planning on sending busloads of people!” encouraged Evenson.

Portions of this Article are Courtesy of Ed Stetzer, The Exchange