July 20 Ministry Equip: Digital Fundraising

The Use of Digital Tools in Fundraising

Join us Wednesday, July 20th, 8:00-11:30am for part 3 of our Summer Fundraising Series.
Transform Minnesota – 1515 E 66th St. Richfield, 55423
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Training Overview:

According to PEW Research 94% of adults in the US are now online, which means your donors are primarily online. If you aren’t keeping pace with them, you are being left behind! 41% of them no longer have landlines to take calls from your call teams and 14% change their address each year, meaning your mailings are no longer reaching them.

It is time to bring your fundraising into the digital age!

In this training, we will cover the following:
• Digital tools that are available for fundraising online
• The components of digital fundraising campaigns
• Best practices for fundraising online
• Avoiding the pitfalls of fundraising online
• Practical steps to take action on today

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Christopher Lower is VP of Marketing, PR, & Social Media at Sterling Cross Communications. Christopher has over 18 years of Marketing, Sales, PR, & Copywriting, and 10 years of focus on emerging social media and web technologies and their use in marketing. He proudly tells people that he gets “paid to play with toys”. In his early career that meant Retail Operations and Marketing for major Toy retailers. Now it pertains to his current work in Social Media, PR, & Marketing for Hospitality, Retail, Technology, & Professional Services clients of Sterling Cross Communications, the firm he co-owns with his wife, Mary.
Christopher and his wife, Mary, live in Maple Grove, with their three children. They have a Teenage Daughter and Boy-Girl Twin Seven Year Olds who are known online as Supergirl & the WonderTwins. Chris also blogs at: Above the Buzz Marketing Blog, Super Dad’s Alter Ego, and his low sodium food blog, Hacking Salt. They attend Church of the Open Door in Maple Grove, where Chris leads a men’s group called, The Heart of a Husband, and He is a Mentor Coordinator in their Next Generation Mentorship Program for Students from grades 6-12.


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