March 10: TCAMP – The spoken WORD for more than 1 BILLION oral learners

The March 10 TCAMP will discuss the orality movement in terms of need and methods for sharing the Word around the world.

Connect with other mission pastors, missionaries and leaders at the TCAMP mission leaders network gathering on Thursday, March 10 from Noon – 1:30. The meeting will be held at Calvary Lutheran Church – 7520 Golden Valley Rd. Golden Valley, MN 55427.

Thursday, March 10 2016Print
Calvary Lutheran Church
7520 Golden Valley Rd. Golden Valley, MN 55427


About the event:

The spoken WORD for more than 1 BILLION oral learners

The foundation for life transformation is most often the obedience to the Word of GodHow can oral learners personally engage with God’s Word unless it comes to them in an appropriate format? A large amount of the world’s population is made up of oral learners (those who would prefer to listen than read). 1 billion of these are illiterate. The vast majority of missions work has been done for a literate audience, leaving the majority disconnected from the Gospel. Most oral learners belong to cultures that teach not with books but with conversations, narratives, music, and visual arts. This is a challenge for many who struggle to understand the written Word, not to mention the thousands of people groups that have no written Word at all. For them, these other approaches are crucial for them to hear Gospel Truth.

This TCAMP will explore the orality methods available and focus on issues the church must address in partnership. Paul Lindberg (East Africa Director for Talking Bibles International), Jim Lilly (representative for the Ambassador Institute (AFLC), and Scott (Story Together) will present on the orality methods that work and ways the church should get behind this necessary, but overlooked aspect of missions.


About Our Network Gatherings

Food: Bring your own “brown bag” lunch. Desserts and beverages are provided by the host church, and you are welcome to bring your own meal and eat with everyone else.

Meeting Times: The meeting is from noon-1:30. To encourage learning and collaboration we invite you to arrive 10-15 minutes early, or feel free to stay longer to network with other leaders.

Our Purpose: TCAMP seeks to deliver two important values to local churches and global missions leaders:

  • Connect mission leaders to add momentum to the global missions movementThe Twin Cities is privileged to have a strong, collaborative missions community. Few other US cities have such a community.
  • Support the professional development of mission movements by sharing best practices and opportunities for learningTCAMP serves as a professional peer network for mission leaders from church staffs, mission committees, field workers and other ministry entities.