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Every contribution we receive before December 31 will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $7,000, to help Transform Minnesota carry out two strategic events.

In our efforts to touch every life in Minnesota with the Gospel of Jesus, we have two strategic opportunities that will help empower the evangelical church. Dec Match IconThe first is reaching Muslims in our state with the Gospel, and the second is helping the Church address LGBT issues with compassion and biblical truth—two very critical and contemporary issues.

In order to ensure we can plan, develop and carry out these strategic events, we need to raise $20,000 before December 31. Several donors have already stepped forward, believing these are essential issues for evangelicals to address, and offered to match up to $7,000 in donations—so any gift we receive will essentially be doubled.

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The strategic importance

There are nearly 200,000 Muslims in Minnesota and more than 100 Christian leaders in different ministries trying to reach them. However, only a few of these missionaries have been connected to each other. If we want to see more Muslims come to know Jesus, we need to come together to learn and strategize how we will reach them.

Acknowledging that few pastors feel comfortable addressing questions about same-sex relationships and gender identification, Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals says, “If we don’t help Christian leaders learn how to talk about these issues in church, then people will just take their cues from culture instead of the Church.”

We believe the result of these two strategic events will be more spiritual fruit among Muslim people in Minnesota and that Christians will be able to look to their church, rather than culture, to answer their questions about same-sex relationships and gender identity.

  • REGIONAL MUSLIM MINISTRY CONSULTATION: In February we will convene nearly 100 leaders of Muslim ministries from across Minnesota to assess current outreach to Muslims, identify effective ministry models and strategize how the whole Church can reach more Muslims in Minnesota with the Gospel of Jesus.In just this past year, we have observed a growing response by Muslims to the Gospel—as more people have engaged in ministry—but this growing engagement and response increases the need to gather and strategize with ministry leaders so that we continue to see fruitful outcomes from the Gospel.
  • EVANGELICALS AND SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS: In Spring 2015, we plan to convene evangelical pastors to discuss the Bible and homosexuality. While we hold to the historic, biblical teaching that God reserves sexual activity to marriage between a man and a woman, there are many questions pastors face as they navigate LGBT issues in their church and in our culture.This forum will focus on equipping pastors by exploring theologies of sex, marriage and holiness. To prepare for this event, last month a dozen Minnesota pastors participated in a private, national forum attended by college and seminary presidents and denominational executives, hosted by the National Association of Evangelicals, to learn about these pressing issues.


Your gift is important

Your gift will allow us to plan and organize each of these important strategic events. As the state’s leading evangelical network, we are uniquely situated to empower evangelical churches in Minnesota. When we identify critical issues like these, we are able to gather leaders from the hundreds of churches in our network and assess, develop solutions and mobilize a broad response.

Every contribution we receive before December 31 will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $7,000. You can double the impact of your gift and help Transform Minnesota and evangelical churches move ahead in these two strategic areas of ministry. Click here to donate now.

Our goal—working through the evangelical network—is to touch every life and community in Minnesota with the hope of the Gospel, and to see people’s lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for joining the evangelical movement.


Carl Nelson, President
612-243-2941 (direct) or

You can also donate stock

You may also donate gifts of stock to Transform Minnesota, which will count towards the match gift. To make a stock gift, you or your broker simply need to call our account managers at ISC Financial Advisors (Tim, Adam or Bob) and they will help you transfer the gift. Call (952) 835-1560.