Engaging in Biblical Justice

Earlier this month, Transform Minnesota hosted over 500 people for two events surrounding the conversation of engaging in the work of justice and upholding absolute truth. Our day-time event, Compassion & Conviction, featured the President of the AND Campaign, Justin Giboney and other speakers: Cherilyn Holloway, Founder of Pro-Black Pro-Life; Amanda Salmon with New Life Family Services; Heather Rice-Minus with Prison Fellowship; Brooke Hempell with Barna Group and Pinkston; and Tierre Webster, Director of Damascus Way. 

Justin dismissed the idea of a superior political party and reminded the church of the biblical mandate to do justice and follow truth. He impressed upon attendees that “God is a liberator, but He is also a Father who requires moral order.”

As a Black woman leading conversation around the intersection of race and the pro-life movement, Cherilyn affirmed that the Black church is indeed very pro-life. She hopes the white church will walk with the Black church on more issues than abortion. “Why do you show up for this one issue, but you are not willing to show up for my community on other issues?” Amanda Salmon and Justin Giboney joined Cherilyn for a panel discussion and shared their passion for approaching abortion and those it impacts with a broken heart.  

“We should care deeply about how justice is carried out in policing, sentencing, and how people are treated in prison, as well as what their life entails after release.” Heather Rice-Minus with Prison Fellowship encouraged us to deeply value restorative justice both in our personal lives and looking at the systems we see in place in the United States. 

At our evening event, The Church & Racial Justice, Brooke Hempell shared powerful statistics showcasing decreasing interest in racial justice within the church. Justin and Cor Chmieleski, the Lead Pastor of Hope Community Church, exhorted pastors and ministry leaders to see this as an opportunity for discipleship.  

We are moved by a call to action to do justice and love mercy both in our churches and as The Church. 

We heard from many people that the conference was challenging, thought-provoking, and motivating. “Thank you so much to Transform Minnesota for an incredibly encouraging and simultaneously challenging day today.” We are moved by a call to action to do justice and love mercy both in our churches and as The Church. 

March 17, 2022