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Loving Our Muslim Neighbors - AUDIO

To adequately and powerfully love our Muslim neighbors, listen to the words Dick Brogden, of Live Dead, spoke at Cedar Valley Church on November 1, 2016.

Insanity of God Authors Equip Those in Cross-Cultural Ministry

Nik and Ruth Ripken wowed 165 attendees at Transform Minnesota’s February Insanity of God conference. The sold-out 2-day conference at Celebration Church, Lakeville equipped those in cross-cultural ministry, by emphasizing the call of suffering on the mission field, whether in a participants’ own community or overseas in a persecuted region. Through their extensive travels, the Ripkens have absorbed invaluable lessons from over 600 believers in persecuted situations. Much of what they shared at the conference was communicated from the lessons the Ripkens gleaned from their work with the persecuted church. Read what some participants said about the powerful, practical, Biblical and affirming lessons taught by the Ripkens.

A Prophetic Call to Welcome the Refugee

As we seek to understand how Christians are called to welcome the alien in our midst at our March 2, 2017 Standing with Refugees event; be confident in our country’s screening process, knowing that refugees are subject to the highest level of security checks of anybody who travels to the United States. But also put your confidence in God’s calling on our lives to remember our ancestors who were once foreigners (found as the Hebrew word GER in the Old Testament), and to show hospitality to the stranger (hospitality is a Greek compound word of phileo and xenia, meaning love of stranger found in the New Testament).

Inaugural Rural and Small Town Conference Encourages 300 Midwest Ministry Leaders

On March 11, 2017 a leadership conference for rural and small town churches called Grow! was held at Cornerstone Church in Litchfield, MN. Over 300 pastors and ministry leaders from across the Midwest attended the inaugural conference designed to provide church leaders information on how to minister effectively, encourage them to see their unique role in God's plan, and help them take the steps that can impact their world for all of eternity. Included is a Q & A with some Grow Conference participants engaged in rural ministry in the Midwest.

Pastor's Column: God's Kindness Shown Through Local Outreach

Portia Allen, Local Project Director at River Valley Church writes about how attendees at River Valley's 8 metro campuses make themselves available to their respective communities by being present and volunteering at community events and by partnering with local organizations to help them serve local residents. Allen shares the framework by which River Valley chooses to do local outreach in each community, and why it's important for a church to ask itself if outreach meets a real need in its community.

Spark Limitless Potential through Short-Term Missions

How do short-term missions trips produce results that go beyond a feel-good mini vacation? We asked a panel of missions pastors/administrators to share their best practices in crafting valuable and effective short-term missions trips. Find out how to honor the mutually beneficial nature of the church/missionary partnership. How dreaming big resulted in a 9,000% growth in missions giving at one church. And why it's best to seek out invitations from long-term missionaries before planning a trip.

Daring Generosity

On October 5, 2017, Transform Minnesota hosted 'Daring Generosity': a pastor's luncheon at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. Designed to help churches establish a culture of generosity President of Transform Minnesota: Carl Nelson, CEO of Thrivent Financial: Brad Hewitt, and Lead Pastor at River Valley Church, Rob Ketterling, joined in presentation on the heart and spirit behind giving.

Loving Our Somali Neighbor

On October 28, 2017, Calvary Community church in St. Cloud hosted a one-day conference on how the church can better engage and love our Somali neighbors. The event was a collaborative effort between Transform Minnesota, Arrive Ministries, and the St. Cloud Evangelical Network for Transformation (SENT Network). Through various panel discussions and seminars, those present heard from a wide variety of individuals involved.

Church Security - We Can't Be Naive

Church leaders are double checking their security plans. Besides learning from other churches and seeking advice from law enforcement, many church insurers will help their clients create plans.

The Thriving Rural Church

While the vast majority of America’s land space is rural and a surprising number of ministry leaders in America have “served time” in rural churches, knowledge, vision and leadership for rural ministry is often overlooked in light of the need to reach the densely populated urban centers and suburban communities. The realities of poverty and isolation are closer to the truth of what the average small town community experiences today. Read more about how to grow and sustain a thriving rural church, and learn about a unique ministry opportunity, the Grow! Leadership Conference coming to Willmar, MN in March, 2018.

Pastor’s Column: Evangelism Through Community, Coffee and Badminton

For our Pastor's Column series on evangelism, Pastor Brian Gingrich of Hillside Church in Bloomington writes about how community is inextricably related to their evangelistic endeavors; how a context is created that is both nonthreatening and mutually interesting. Find out how coffee and badminton have cultivated a culture of outreach and authentic relationship-building. And Pastor Brian shares some important lessons he's learned about evangelism and Millennials.

Pastor's Column: Evangelizing in an Under-Resourced Community

Pastor Jordan Borer Nelson, of Shiloh Temple International Ministries shares how he leads weekly evangelism efforts in North Minneapolis. The community is one of the poorest communities in Minneapolis. But he says Shiloh is blessed to welcome those who have been delivered from drugs and gangs, and those who struggle with poverty, lack of education and lack of proper resources. Find our how Pastor Jordan models the church's evangelism efforts after Jesus.

Pastor's Column: Evangelism in the Hmong Community

Rev. Chong Yang of St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church gives us an in-depth look at evangelism in the Hmong community, starting with a basic understanding of the ancient cultural beliefs of shamans (witch doctors) and sorcerers. Rev. Yang shares how spiritual encounters and attacks are common in the Hmong community (Christians and non-Christians alike). And how Hmong churches need to have a strong foundation in the work of the Holy Spirit and His empowerment of healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare, in order to share the Gospel to Hmong people.

Grow Conference 2018 Keynote Addresses - AUDIO

Rev. Kevin Kompelien, President of the Evangelical Free Church of America delivered the Opening and Closing Keynote Addresses, titled "Entrusted with the Gospel"at the Grow Conference on March 3, 2018.

Entrusted with the Gospel in Rural and Small Towns

275 rural pastors attended the Grow Conference in Willmar, MN on March 3, 2018, hailing from a span of 800 miles across the Midwest. The Grow! Conference was led by a diverse array of denominations, church leaders, and speakers which evoked a unifying spirit in Christ. With a focus on the unique rural experience and how to whole-heartedly embrace the place God has called them, participants said the content was invaluable. Through Grow! we aim to encourage rural church leaders that God is with them and He will give them what they need to share His love and message to their small town.

7 Ideas on How to Become a Multi-Cultural Church

If your church is striving to be a multi-cultural church, here's a great place to start: 7 ways to reach different people groups. In Acts, Jesus commands us to make disciples of people, including people of a different ethnicity that live within our communities.

Pastor’s Column: Reflecting on Dramatic Growth and Evangelism

Berean Baptist Church in Burnsville, MN was included as #10 among the fastest growing churches in the country, according to Outreach Magazine. Pastor Brent Birdsall says he cannot point to a strategic plan, specific program nor evangelistic effort to credit the growth. But, here he shares three observations he’s noticed while reflecting on Berean’s stewardship of that growth.

Evangelicalism: Shared-Faith in Broad Diversity

Many people try to understand and communicate evangelical identity and diversity. The National Association of Evangelicals has created a brief statement that we hope will serve as a useful tool for you and your place of ministry.

Help Move Plans to Actions: 5 Areas Pastors Can’t Ignore

Good planning is only part of moving a church forward, plans have to be executed. A lead pastor must keep a finger on the pulse of the church to ensure movement is happening. In larger churches, this can be delegated through staff; in smaller churches, the pastor typically has to be that point person to keep things progressing. Read five areas that require leadership and attention from the lead pastor to help move plans to action.

Pastor's Column: Empowering Women to Use Their Gifts & Serve the Church

Ten tips to consider as a springboard for conversations in your church on how to promote healthier relationships among men and women. Pastor Amy Rowell, the Community Life Pastor at City Church in Minneapolis longs to see the Church reflecting an accurate image of who God is by how we relate with one another as men and women. Read how we can empower our sisters in Christ to use their gifts in whatever capacity they can to serve the Church.

Pastor's Column:  Tragedy of John Chau Doesn't Overshadow the Value of Missions

Woody Roland, a Transform Minnesota board member and the pastor of missions at Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester wrote this Op-Ed piece for the Rochester Post Bulletin on December 11, 2018.

Pastor's Column: Why Small Churches Get Stuck; The 3 Changes Leaders Avoid Making

Churches of all shapes, sizes and flavors have one thing in common: they want to grow. The bigger question is: how willing are you to lead change? Growth and change are synonymous. As a ministry consultant and coach, Chad Hunt has seen many pastors sacrifice growth to keep people happy and avoid discomfort. They want results without change. Here Hunt shares three changes leaders avoid making, which can prevent church growth.

Committed to Equipping Churches in Rural Communities

Transform Minnesota is committed to connecting and equipping church leaders in Minnesota communities; large and small. We are offering more conferences and forums geared toward churches in rural and small town communities, with plans for expanding our influence in the rural evangelical community in 2019.

Engaging Generations Through Generosity

In partnership with Thrivent Financial, we hosted two Engaging Generations Through Generosity seminars in January 2019, that took a deep dive into research Thrivent commissioned Barna Group to conduct around the generosity of self-identified Christians.

Being a Trauma Informed Church

At our Trauma Informed training on June 26, 2019 held at Sanctuary Covenant Church, we looked into how Christian communities can heal unseen wounds. The Church is uniquely positioned to be a healing presence for the growing number of trauma survivors we serve in our communities.

Love Them First: Documentary Inspires As God Works Through Brokenness

At an elementary school in North Minneapolis God is bringing hope and transformation through the lives of two godly principals and their teaching staff.

Walter Kim Succeeds Leith Anderson as NAE President

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) Board of Directors elected Walter Kim as its president, effective January 1, 2020. He will succeed Leith Anderson, who has served as NAE president since 2006.

Education Equity: Church Advocacy

On October 18th, Nicole Baker Fulgham spoke at a Transform Minnesota breakfast hosted by Bethel Christian Fellowship.

Building a Vibrant Church Culture

On November 21st, River Valley Campus Pastor Kirk Graham spoke at a Transform breakfast on creating and developing vibrant church culture.

Encouragement for 2020

I know that God’s hand is on the Twin Cities here in Minnesota. Jesus is changing lives! I met with hundreds of pastors from various evangelical denominations in 2019 and heard unique stories of the Gospel at work.

Abundant Life from Conception to Natural Death

This January, Transform Minnesota remembers and grieves those lives lost to unnatural causes, including abortion and physician-assisted suicide. We believe that because God has created each of us in His image, that every life holds dignity and purpose, regardless of life stage.

Health Officials Brief Minnesota Church Leaders

The MN Department of Health briefed denominational leaders on March 17 to provide guidance on how churches should plan to respond to the Coronavirus emergency.

The Crisis That Could Strengthen Churches

President of Transform Minnesota, Carl Nelson, shares hope and ways God may strengthen the Church during this unprecedented time.

Rally Call to Christians: A Surge in Generosity

Christians in centuries past risked their lives to help others during pandemics. What can we risk to help small businesses, frontline charities, and our own churches in this pandemic?

Arrive Ministries Announces New Executive Director

Transform Minnesota is excited to announce Mike Bergman as the new Executive Director of Arrive Ministries.

Transform Minnesota's Statement on Churches Reopening

Transform Minnesota issues a statement on balancing the reopening of church worship with the needs of public health.

Considerations for Churches as They Move to Reopen

Transform Minnesota encourages caution and compassion as Governor Walz announced new executive order 20-62, allowing for public worship gatherings beginning May 27.

Engaging With Grace and Compassion

Our witness should continue to be a priority even in the face of fears, concerns, and disagreements with others.   

Transform Minnesota Message on Community Involvement

The Church can put our weight, energy and finances towards established organizations that are actively engaged in addressing the root issues that created the current pain in our cities.

Minding Minnesota's Education Gap - VIDEO

Transform was glad to welcome back Dr. Nicole Baker Fulgham, president of the Expectations Project, to shed light on why the achievement gap in Minnesota is worsening, and the Church's role in moving forward.

Gospel Empowered Civic Engagement - VIDEO

We were so blessed to partner with Justin Giboney, president of the AND Campaign, for a webinar on how the Church can lean into and lead the way in civic engagement.

Gen Z and the Church

Savannah Kimberlin, Director of Published Research at Barna Group, hosted an interactive webinar for a group of Minnesota pastors and ministry leaders. Savannah shared from Barna Group’s 2017 and 2021 data, and together we learned about the complexities and opportunities in discipling Gen Z.

Open Letter to the Church: Gen Z Biblical Theology Student

In conjunction with our Gen Z + The Church webinar series, Transform Minnesota is featuring Gen Z voices in open letters to the Church.

Open Letter to the Church: Gen Z Pastoral Studies Student

In conjunction with our Gen Z + The Church webinar series, Transform Minnesota is featuring Gen Z voices in open letters to the Church.

Open Letter to the Church: Gen Z Student

In conjunction with our Gen Z + The Church webinar series, Transform Minnesota is featuring Gen Z voices in open letters to the Church.

Engaging in Biblical Justice

Transform Minnesota hosted two events with Justin Giboney surrounding the conversation of engaging in the work of justice and upholding absolute truth.

Christian Leadership Amid Cultural Conflict

Transform Minnesota and Anselm House hosted Dr. Russell Moore for a lunch-time gathering with over 250 ministry leaders and pastors.

Time to Prove our Pro-Life Ethic; Transform Minnesota's Response

Today the US Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe vs. Wade, a decision that Transform Minnesota and many pro-life Americans welcome in our passionate commitment to promote human dignity and protect the sanctity of life.

Jesus in the Secular World

Sold-out Jesus in the Secular World workshop teaches how to present the Gospel in a post-Christian culture.

Spreading the Gospel in a Post-Christian Culture

As our culture shifts, Transform Minnesota is committed to helping Christians find new ways to share the gospel.

New Life Celebrates Sanctity of Human Life Month

To kick off Sanctity of Human Life month, our affiliate New Life Family Services teaches us about the importance of a holistic pro-life ethic.

Learning to Intentionally Engage Spiritual Conversations

Spiritual Conversations for the Non-Religious workshop shows the radical shift needed to spread the Gospel to a new generation.

Continuing to Rally for Life

Transform President Carl Nelson joined the United for Life rally, part of a multi-pronged approach to demonstrating a pro-life ethic.

An Invitation to Welcome the Stranger

Arrive Ministries tells us about their work in refugee resettlement and the biblical invitation to welcome the stranger.

Building a Culture of Formation

Dr. Walter Kim encouraged leaders to adopt a comprehensive Gospel that promotes formation and cultural flourishing.

Answering the Questions of Each Generation

Rev. Dr. James Choung provided insight on ways to reach different generations with the message of the Gospel.