Conversations About Biblical Sexuality

Sexuality continues to be a relevant complex issue facing the church today. As the conversation evolves, Transform Minnesota remains committed to a historical biblical sexual ethic. We also recognize the need to equip leaders to apply this ethic to questions they navigate within their ministries.  

Transform has hosted numerous events in recent years focused on discussions around a biblical sexual ethic. Seminars such as the ones facilitated by Dr. Preston Sprinkle, Rachel Gilson, Sy Rogers, and Dr. Mark Yarhouse have helped us strengthen our theological and philosophical understanding of this topic.    

Now, we want to focus on helping leaders work through practically implementing ministry to and with people identifying as LGBT+.  

This effort will begin in May as we hear from Dr. Greg Coles about his experience as a celibate gay Christian (also known as a Side B Christian). Greg will lead a conversation on how the Church has historically interacted with and can create a healthy community that embraces the fullness and beauty of Side B Christians.  

Additionally, we’re partnering with Posture Shift this November for a 2-day intensive course designed to address practical ministry implementation. This workshop is designed for leaders who hold to a traditional biblical ethic regarding marriage and sexuality and want to have a posture which offers God’s presence, love, care, and protection to LGBT+ people.  

Through a biblically sound, missiological approach to outreach and care, we can faithfully honor God and radically love people simultaneously. Transform Minnesota will maintain this posture as we continue to engage complex conversations about holy sexuality.  

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March 23, 2023
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