Do Evangelical Leaders Change Denominations?

That’s the question posed to respondents in the National Association of Evangelical’s (NAE) December Evangelical Leadership Survey. The result? Nearly 60 percent of respondents reported that they have changed denominations in their lives.

To some, that percentage may seem high, but Leith Anderson, president of the NAE, believes it demonstrates “a healthy fluidity.”

“Evangelical traditions and denominations have more in common than many realize,” Anderson said in an article on the NAE website. “There is a healthy fluidity among evangelicals as they seek to find church and denominational homes where they can worship and serve.”

The reasons for changing denominations are numerous and include everything from geography to theology to preaching and the focus of worship services, according to the survey.

Just over 40 percent in the poll said they have remained with the same denomination throughout their lives.

“My denomination is so woven into the fabric of my life that I have a hard time thinking of ministry outside the family,” said Ken Hunn, executive director of The Brethren Church via the NAE article.

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January 20, 2015

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