Do you share your faith online?

That’s the question Pew Research Center recently asked respondents. One-fifth of Americans reported that they had shared their faith online during the previous week—and 46 percent replied they had witnessed another person share “something about their religious faith” on social networking sites or on apps.

Perhaps surprisingly, 40% of respondents said they talked about their religious faith in a personal setting—not online—during the previous week. That percentage is even higher than the 35% of Americans who say they attend religious services more than once a week.

“The survey suggests that religious engagement through TV, radio, music and the Internet generally complements—rather than replaces—traditional kinds of religious participation, such as going to church,” according to the report. “Americans who said they frequently attend religious services were more likely to engage in these electronic religious activities than those who said they attend religious services less often.”

Researchers also discovered, perhaps unsurprisingly, that young adults (18-29) witnessed people sharing their faith online much more than Americans 50 years of age and older.

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November 14, 2014

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