Evangelical Christians Denounce Bloomington Mosque Attack

As evangelical Christians in Minnesota we denounce the attack on Dar Al-Farooq Mosque in Bloomington and pray that the perpetrator will be quickly found and brought to justice.

When one place of worship is attacked, all of our houses of worship are threatened. And so as evangelical Christians we stand with Minnesota Muslims to denounce this attack.

As Christians we need to do our part in society to proclaim a message of love and respect for fellow citizens in order to counter the anti-Muslim sentiment that is infecting certain parts of our community.

“I spoke by phone with one of the Muslim leaders I know and expressed my sadness and concern for him. He was clearly shaken by the incident and was grateful for my call. Over a recent meal he told me of the growing fear by Muslim Americans of potential attacks like this. Now it has become a reality,” said Carl Nelson, President of Transform Minnesota.

Whatever incited the attacker to commit this violence, as Christians we are to have no part in attitudes or rhetoric that would allow such acts to be contemplated, or worse yet, carried out.

To be effective in our Gospel witness we must boldly condemn violence against other religions. As followers of Jesus we are called to share the love of God that we have experienced with others, which means loving Muslims – or people of other religions – when they are attacked.

Statement from the Dar Al Farooq Center, “The Dar Al Farooq Center welcomes and expresses gratitude to members of different faith-based communities who turned up in large numbers to show their solidarity and support to us in our time of grief. Remember, United We Stand and Divided We Fall.”

August 7, 2017