Gen Z and the Church

Transform Minnesota completed its first webinar in a new four-part series: Gen Z and the Church. Savannah Kimberlin, Director of Published Research at Barna Group, hosted an interactive webinar for a group of Minnesota pastors and ministry leaders. Savannah shared from Barna Group’s 2017 and newly released 2021 data, and together we learned about the complexities and opportunities in discipling Gen Z.

Kimberlin explained how Gen Z differs from previous generations, and specifically how they process identity, security, faith and morality. Kimberlin provided multiple applications for Gen Z ministry, including presenting mental health as a discussable topic, prioritizing diversity, providing critical thinking skills from a Christian worldview, and valuing holistic well-being and authenticity beyond Sunday’s pulpit.

The group spent time discussing how Gen Z relates to others and how to create the best communities for Gen Z discipleship. Attendees were thankful for new insights and relevant applications in their own ministry efforts.

Kimberlin’s research sets the stage for our upcoming webinars with A.J. Swoboda (February)  and Nina Barnes (March). Registration for A.J.’s webinar is almost full! A.J. Swoboda is an assistant professor of Bible, theology, and world Christianity at Bushnell University. As we seek to disciple the Gen Z generation, Swoboda looks at doubt, deconstructing faith, and how the Church can walk alongside those wrestling in their Christian beliefs. He answers the question: “Is there a way to walk faithfully through doubt and come out the other side with a deeper love for Jesus, the Church, and its tradition? Can we question our faith without losing it?”

Swoboda will share findings from his book, After Doubt, and highlight stories of young believers who have strengthened their faith in Jesus amidst a season of questioning. Christian Gen Z students are processing and engaging critical life-changing issues in our world each day. Their enduring faith requires the community, discipleship, and fellowship of Christian leaders. Join us as we learn from his research for application in youth ministries, fellowship, and discipleship here in our communities and congregations.

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**Please note that this webinar will not be recorded. To have access to the content and the community of the group, you will need to be present on Thursday, February 11 at 3pm CST. Each webinar is capped at 25 members to encourage in-depth conversation and Q+A with our speakers.

February 1, 2021
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