May 12 TCAMP: Training Opportunity! Disciple Making Movements

Connect with other mission pastors, missionaries and leaders at the TCAMP mission leaders network gathering on Thursday, May 12 from Noon – 1:30 at Bethany Baptist Church – 2025 Skillman Ave W, St Paul, MN 55113.

Have you heard of the hundreds of thousands of Muslims that are falling in love with Jesus?

Join the movement that is changing lives across the globe! At the May TCAMP, there will be a Disciple Making Movements training offered. Come to receive practical, reproducible tools to use within your own community and internationally. This is typically an intensive, multi-day training, but will be offered in a condensed format. We encourage you to attend and invite others interested in making more disciples!

The Disciple Making Movement method is especially growing in Muslim and oral cultures. In a continuation of the “Orality Movement” TCAMP in March, join us to learn implementable ways to share the Gospel in an oral method through a Discovery Bible Study. Jim Lilly will be leading the training and works with City Team.Wheel_Diagram_2013

The exciting thing about Disciple Making movements is that anyone can participate and share. Disciple Making Movements are often characterized by young believers still in a Disciple Making and maturing process themselves, passionately in love with Jesus who go from their newly established community of believers to make new disciples in a new region from which a new community of believers quickly emerges.

  • Disciple Making has a core value of discovering where God is at work by finding a person of peace. It is not about starting church services, and inviting people to come.
  • Disciple Making is about the church emerging from within the culture of the people. It is not about calling the people out of their culture to form a new organization.
  • Disciple Making is locally led. While often started by outsiders, it is not led by outsiders who intend someday to turn over the ministry to the people of the community.

Join us at Bethany Baptist Church from noon-1:30pm on Thursday, May 12th. 

About Our Network Gatherings

Food: Bring your own “brown bag” lunch. Desserts and beverages are provided by the host church, and you are welcome to bring your own meal and eat with everyone else.

Meeting Times: The meeting is from noon-1:30. To encourage learning and collaboration we invite you to arrive 10-15 minutes early, or feel free to stay longer to network with other leaders.

Our Purpose: TCAMP seeks to deliver two important values to local churches and global missions leaders:

  • Connect mission leaders to add momentum to the global missions movementThe Twin Cities is privileged to have a strong, collaborative missions community. Few other US cities have such a community.
  • Support the professional development of mission movements by sharing best practices and opportunities for learningTCAMP serves as a professional peer network for mission leaders from church staffs, mission committees, field workers and other ministry entities.

August 20, 2013

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