Nov. 13 TCAMP: The Church’s Response to Ebola

TCAMP-Program-Logo-300x83The Church’s Response to Ebola: Reports, Insights and Lessons from West African community leaders

November 13, 2014, Noon-1:30

Redeemer Covenant Church in Brooklyn Park (7801 Brooklyn Blvd)

Throughout Church history Christians have been at the forefront of responding to epidemics and health crisis. That continues in West Africa today where Christian doctors, church communities and aid organizations are caring for people sickened by Ebola in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Our brothers and sisters in the Liberian Ministers Association, and other West African Christians in Minnesota remain connected through churches and family ties to people being affected in West Africa. Many African Christians in Minnesota have lost extended family members to the Ebola virus, and they are trying to respond from afar to the humanitarian crisis that is developing.

On November 13 the TCAMP mission leaders network will meet with West African pastors, community leaders and civic officials to learn how the Ebola epidemic is affecting people in Africa, and how we can help combat the stigmatization of West Africans here in Minnesota. Come and learn about:


  • Direct reports about the crisis in Liberia
  • How local churches are responding to help communities affected by the crisis
  • Suggestions for best ways to give aid to communities in West Africa
  • Official information about local preparedness.
  • Christian Solidarity: information we can share to combat stigmatization


About TCAMP Network Gatherings

Read more about the Twin Cities Area Mission Professionals (TCAMP) here.

Food: Bring your own “brown bag” lunch. Desserts and beverages are provided by the host church, and you are welcome to bring your own meal and eat with everyone else.

Meeting Times: The meeting is from noon-1:30. To encourage learning and collaboration we invite you to arrive 10-15 minutes early, or feel free to stay longer to network with other leaders. Open to the Public. No reservations required.

Our Purpose: TCAMP seeks to deliver two important values to local churches and global missions leaders:

  • Connect mission leaders to add momentum to the global missions movementThe Twin Cities is privileged to have a strong, collaborative missions community. Few other US cities have such a community.
  • Support the professional development of mission movements by sharing best practices and opportunities for learningTCAMP serves as a professional peer network for mission leaders from church staffs, mission committees, field workers and other ministry entities.

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