Transform Minnesota’s Statement on the Derek Chauvin Verdict

While we are thankful for the justice that has transpired today, Transform Minnesota remains heavy with grief over the devastating levels of trauma and pain hanging above our greater twin cities. We lift up George Floyd’s family, Daunte Wright’s family, and countless others as they mourn the repeated loss of their children and siblings.

Our state and broader nation continue to see lives made in the precious image of God stripped of their dignity, humanity, and breath. Time and time again, we hear the same news and brace for the same levels of pain and anguish. This pattern is unacceptable and we lament its compounded impact on our fellow citizens and neighbors.

It is critical for the Church to remain committed to the transformational work of seeking peace and pursuing biblical justice in our communities. Minnesota is crying out for change – real change. Fellow Christians, we understand that Jesus is the only one who can bring about this real, radical, redemptive and reconciliatory change.

There are many ways that Christians have responded since George Floyd was killed, and now that the verdict has been reached, we must carry on those commitments.

  1. Pastors, open the scriptures and help your congregation respond to the pain and injustices of our society from a biblical perspective.
  2. Christians, follow the ARC of reconciliation as a pathway towards racial justice. Increase your Awareness by reading history, listening to others’ stories, and furthering education through classes like Reconciliation 101. Build genuine Relationships with people of other races and ethnicities so you can see the world through a perspective other than your own; consider attending a Sankofa Journey. Make Commitments to act on what you learn and pursue changes in your own life.

This trial’s outcome in no way erases the systemic racism in our communities; there is significant work ahead for us in Minnesota and we need God’s help as we move forward. Transform Minnesota takes the safety, dignity and value of each human life very seriously. We will continue to advocate for changes within our communities that reflect the inherent worth we each hold within Imago Dei.

April 20, 2021
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