Open Letter to the Church: Gen Z Student

Dear Church Leaders:

I find myself feeling stuck trying to find the right words to describe my emotions toward the Church. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ my entire life, never questioning my faith or the goodness of God, but I do find myself at twenty-two years old questioning who the Church has become to me.

When I entered college, I drifted farther away from the local church, but closer to the Lord through my bible. I had become stronger in my faith and in my calling, but I did not feel a strong sense of belonging within a congregation. I was frequently reading the book of Acts, feeling like the words of revival were jumping off of the pages and into my heart, yet I was having a hard time seeing these same acts of service in my local church, and that was discouraging to me.

As a Gen Z student, I was and still am looking to the world for truth. Unfortunately, my generation often finds temptation, addiction, depression, loneliness and insecurity in the process. In a world filled with technology, we are living in a filtered and fake reality and craving authenticity. I think Gen Z is most engaged where there is action involved, and I know I want stronger discipleship and mentorship opportunities. I really appreciate when leadership spends intentional time getting to know me and leads by example.

I think the Church is called to walk in the power that breaks chains, sets the captives free and equips believers to live a life of righteousness, and I believe Gen Z is ready and eager for the truth of the gospel! We just need opportunities to engage our strengths within the Church, gospel-centered and scripture-heavy messages, and strong leaders. Sometimes I think that the modern-day American Church can spend too much energy on feel-good content, Instagram algorithms, or flashy service productions. Gen Z can discern when substance and authenticity is lacking.

My ultimate hope and encouragement for the Church is that believers could embody what the Church of Acts embodied. A preacher I heard once shared that the reason the Church of Acts never mentioned the word “revival” is because they were living it out. Revival wasn’t an event but a lifestyle for the apostles. My hope is that we can also live in this way. As I continue to look to the Church to embody the boldness, humility and truth of the Word of God, I am hopeful!

– Gen Z Student

April 7, 2021
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